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Recent content by novalysis

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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    What if Ash was offered a Scholarship? It's possible after all, considering Ash's accomplishments.
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    Review PG01: The Adventure

    I think the idea is that when you start from generation one as a child and play through all the way to generation Seven, behind every protagonist you play is the Spirit of Red, the very first protagonist you played. Of course, if you started in Gen 2 or 3 or 4....
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    It was a missed opportunity the moment they decided to soft-reset Ash for Unnova...
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    Pokemon world tournament against every regional champion in the world. And show you can defend that title repeatedly.
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    Actually, getting into the Champions league does not resolve anything about Ash's character nor grant him his long run goal being a Master. At most, it represents tangible progress towards that goal, a progress as tangible and illusory as the Battle Frontier. Winning the Champions League will be...
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    I did mention that it is possible that the school isn't necessarily a normal school, and wrote an entire long post a few pages back how it could be possible. It could well be a specialized school with very small enrollment sizes designed to prepare aspiring Pokemon Masters who have demonstrated...
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    Assuming that both graduation and attending the school will not make sense is an assumption; as is the assumption that the school is about teaching little kids Alolan Culture.... True, it could be an assumption that you could make a case to support for using the trailer; but if it is actually...
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    How will Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon effect the anime?

    Ok, in my view, the only real way for the Going to School plot to gel with the fact that Ash has cleared multiple gym challenges and keeps doing well in tournament after tournament (at least Quarter Finals) is for the School NOT to be an ordinary Poke-tech; where clearing the School allows you...
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    So, after reading all the gloom and doom speculation, I would like to provide an optimistic counter-speculation of how Sun & Moon's School plot could be potentially set-up to avoid a repeat of the Unova fiasco. I think objections about the animation and character designs aside (I don't like it...
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    Review XY072: The Scary House's Hospitality!

    Clermont invented the Sliph Scope Nano, it seems. Also, I get the feeling that Bonnie will tend to go for Fairy, Ghost, Psychic and Dark types if she becomes a Pokemon trainer.
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    Would the anime be as successful today if they replaced Ash early on?

    I just want to throw a thought experiment out to those who believe that the anime would be less popular had they rotated protagonist every generation. The Pokemon games, unlike some other Nintendo linked franchise rotate protagonist every generation. Certainly, the anime might do far more to...
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    Review XY061: Decisive Battle in the Badlands! Fight, Numera!!

    Given how shockingly lazy this episode was, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to rehash the entire Charizard Plot again for Goodra, and revert Ash to ground zero again when it comes to handling final stage evolutions with massive insecurity complexes.
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    Review XY044: Shara Gym Match! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!!

    I thought the main benefit of Dance Battling was superior co-ordination and timing? If that's that's the case, Ash shouldn't have copied the style whole sale in actual battle - he'd never be able to battle that way, and should have recognized that the key was to incorporate the idea of rhythm to...
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    Review XY037: Reflection Cave! Mirror World Satoshi and Satoshi!?

    I wonder how Mirror World Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris and Cilan are like.....Given how spunky many of his female companions were, Serena may well have been the most aggressive female companion Poor Mirror Ash has yet to travel with. Also, Mirror Serena appears to be a Tsundere...