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  • Ah I see now, did try to translate it but it didn't help me much. It's okay though my characters just won't know what it means lol
    Ah I see, yeah Michelle is able to control it for now (And the only reason her other self lost control was because of Glaceon) but very hard to resist.

    Actually wouldn't mind seeing it, he seems like a very interesting and dark character.
    Ah, okay that is easy then because it will be more in the day then the night (I go to bed at 10:30pm usually).

    True, he doesn't seem to like Gold or jrag's character either. You know I was just thinking maybe in the next mission Zaar and Michelle are forced to work together or something?
    And I see, the other side of Michelle wants to kill everyone around her (I actually got an name for that one, but it will revealed later), it's that dark side that everyone has really.
    For a second I thought you were someone else lol
    Not sure what time that would be in Australia (Its 11am now if that helps), but I can try not posting too much, (Did you tell anyone else that?), scenes like that probably should have everyone in it (But if it's just between like Gold and Michelle it shouldn't be a problem right?).

    Lol btw your character really hates Michelle doesn't he, the person inside her seems to be like him angry and almost psychotic. Also The Rescue Mission is up
    Oh, and something I forgot to mention, you don't start with all those cards, cause if we did all the Undead would already be sealed and we'd have nothing to do. Garran starts with his Ace, 2, 3, 5, and 6 and Chalice starts with Ace, 2, 3, 6, and 9.
    Ok, I'll get to posting it, here's Garren and Chalice's decks, they do the same as their counterparts on the wikipedia site:

    Garren Deck:

    (Ace of Diamonds) Change Pincer
    (2) Bullet Sandshrew
    (3) Upper Croagunk
    (4) Rapid Fearow
    (5) Drop Wailord
    (6) Fire Volbeat
    (7) Rock Torkoal
    (8) Scope Golbat
    (9) Gemini Rapidash
    (10) Thief Kecleon
    (Jack of Diamonds) Fusion Skarmory
    (Queen of Diamonds) Absorb Seviper
    (King of Diamonds) Evolution Yanmega

    Chalice Deck

    (Ace of Hearts) Change Scyther
    (2) Spirit Human
    (3) Chop Sharpedo
    (4) Drill Pupitar
    (5) Tornado Staraptor
    (6) Float Yanma
    (7) Bio Tangela
    (8) Reflect Mothim
    (9) Recovery Camerupt
    (10) Shuffle Porygon
    (Jack of Hearts) Fusion Mightyena
    (Queen of Hearts) Absorb Roserade
    (King of Hearts) Evolution Scizor
    Wild Card

    All of Garrens are Diamonds and Chalice's are Hearts.
    Hey dude, I reformated all the Undead cards into Pokemon form but Blade and Garren's king cards, reason being there are no Pokemon for a Atlas Beetle and there's only one Stag beetle Pokemon. Want to see them?
    Just one more thing, need to explain how the henshins (transformations), form changes, and finishers are performed.
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