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  • Oh yeah. You're Drayden. xD I really should check people's username history more. Thanks! It is all taken from the old Discordantly. I haven't yet given up with the Marvel RP, through. But again- I don't know if this is the best time for it. I mean- I can see a lot more RPs coming up right here due to BW2's English release.

    Sorry for the late reply. My internet was killed yesterday.
    Is the Mystery Dungeon Rp gonna start soon?

    Sorry if i'm sounding rude.
    Oh, also, before I forget, are you like sick or something? You haven't been on much. I don't want to yell at someone who's like dying or something.

    So you're worried I'll make the awards pointless. So to solve that, you're essentially rigging them.

    Not sure why I care. The awards are kind of a joke anyway. You can't even decide who's running it.

    And why in PMs? Worried someone will see our conversation?
    Hey, two different people seem to think it's quality, if the nomination thread means anything. And what gives you the right to judge what makes a "quality work?" That seems pretty darn pretentious. If you can do that, what was the point of nominations? Why not just have someone like you hand-pick a few RPs they like and have people vote for 'em?

    And on that note, what do you mean it's purpose isn't to "be an RP?" What RP has it's primary purpose as just "Being an RP?" That's just dumb. It'd be like saying Minecraft's primary purpose is to "Be a video game" or that Watchmen's purpose is to "Be a comic book." No RP's purpose is to "Be an RP".

    All of them have some other goal. Like that one horror RP you made a few years back. It's purpose wasn't to be "Just an RP." It's purpose was...Well, I don't know what your intention was in making it, since my mind-reading powers don't work over the internet, but I'd wager it's to scare people.
    Bro, it's kinda-sorta insanely unfair what you're doing, man. The way I see it, you're barring my RP because you think it's not serious enough. But see, that's what satire is about. Making fun of things to make people think about 'em, know? Ever read "Don Quixote?" It's in much the same genre as my RP, and it's one of the greatest works of literature of all time.

    Also, mind if I point out that one of the characters you let in is a lesbian crossdressing vampire rapist? Because I think that's about as silly as my RP.
    It's okay, I should've payed more attention or seen the dates.

    Anyways, I'm onboard.
    I do remember the title but I pretty much forgot what it was, I might want to, I will try to look it over in the morning though.
    Derp, still having difficulties coming up with proper ideas. Although, the weather hasn't been good over the past few days, so enough time to write.
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