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  • That's just /b/ and /a/ and sometimes /tg/. /x/ is actually pretty serious. In fact, they take themselves so seriously I find it a tad amusing.
    Oh, right, we were talking, huh? Anyway, /x/ is 4chan's paranormal board. They have threads on weird stuff like summoning demons and fortune telling. That stuff is silly, if sometimes entertaining. The main reason is because it's where most Creepypasta gets made.
    So. The internet here is just plain crap (on mobile, at least), but on my brother's laptop it's surprisingly quick. Haven't gotten around to writing up my OCs yet (spent the car trip watching MLP and sleeping), but I'll write them up on a rainy day or something... Which should be soon, considering how frequent storms are in the Alps.

    Also, my parents agreed to letting me access the internet during the evenings, too.
    Also, my ears are ringing, which is probably my body saying "go to sleep", so I'm logging off. Nighty night.
    World of Tanks. Spent an hour updating the .dat file of the model viewer I use so I can view the models of the new tanks. I use them for reference. I like throwing together my knowledge of WW2 AFVs and designing my own tanks.

    I suppose I could spend some time writing up those characters during the car trip. In that case, I'll have them ready by Sunday or Monday. Also, no, I don't mind if you play Discord.
    I hate them. Well, then again, my brother is taking his laptop along, and I downloaded MLP S1 and S2 on it as well as WoT 0.7.5.

    Greed, Apathy, and Despair, huh. I'll see if I can come up with anything.
    I don't really have a preference.

    Also, it's 0:50 over here. I was planning on pulling an all-nighter so I can spend the car trip to Italy tomorrow asleep (I'm 6''1', believe me, an 18-hour car trip sucks when you're as tall as I am), but my parents might throw a wrench in my plans. Just so you know. In that case, I'll be switching to cellphone, but I might fall asleep. Just a heads-up.
    I live in GMT + 1. It's 12:43 over here.

    Meh, it won't die. I might have some days without internet, but since my parents know I can't go without internet for longer than 2 weeks, it won't be all that often.

    I live in a really small country. It kind of makes sense that I step foot outside my country fairly often. Well, actually, only 4 weeks a year. On average.

    Anyway, let's get this show on the road.
    Derp, sorry for not responding earlier, I was on my cellphone and BMGf mobile doesn't display notifications properly for one or the other reason.

    It does certainly sound interesting, I must say. Also, just so you know: I am willing to do that PRP with you, but I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow, and I may have sporadic access to Wi-Fi provided by restaurants and such tomorrow. No internet on Saturday. Maybe on Sunday. From Monday on, I'll have internet one hour a day until the 10th of next month.
    That does seem good. Perhaps just like the old RP but with some weekly "Main" episodes involving everyone? Something like a mass breakout of supervillians out of SHIELD jails? Not really original, but one of the most good plots I have seen. Anyways, I would like you to make the thread in Sign-Ups. I will be working on the first "Main" plot as well as a new logo for the RP. The old one was kind of small and Spiderman-related.

    I look forward to your thoughts on these "Main" episodes.
    That'll be great! One thing I'm not sure of is the way of the RP. Either we do the same as before and create a HUB, or we could make it a full-fledged plot RP. The HUB style was awesome, I must admit.
    Hey Discord Drayden, I now have full permission from Master Mew to revive the Marvel RP. I thought this is a great time to revive it. I told all this to master Mew, and he agreed. Believe it or not, some people just watch movies. They have never heard about the comics and the TV shows. Now that there is a whole bunch of (awesome) Marvel movies, I think BMGf really needs a Marvel RP. Most people will snatch up movie characters first, I'm sure; Fantastic Four 1 & 2 will also get the love. Most of em will try to get Spider Man and the Avengers through- And we need a plot too.

    I would like you to be a Co-GM, becuase I have never been a game master before and I need one person to lead the SHEILD, so I hope you can play Nick Fury. It's all up to you, through. =D
    I spend most of my time on here in the RP section, so yup. I've heard of the Anime forum being one big debate fuckfest. Kinda like Twitter.
    ... I must say I get quite a kick out of some of the gorier scenes in Fallout: Equestria (not that kind of kick), but Cupcakes... Bleh. Another thing is that Cupcakes is grotesque and not as engaging as FO: Equestria.

    Yeah. The shipping forums are a battlefield, or so I hear.
    Rule 43 is very very true (and I like it so much), but FiM should stay pure for me. Although I am fine with gruesome stuff in fanfics and such as long as it does not become too grotesque. (Fallout: Equestria is fine, Cupcakes is not.)

    Yeah... Actually, I don't think about shipping too much.
    I like psychological torture and more gruesome stuff in some contexts (Fallout: Equestria as an example), but in contexts like FiM itself... No.

    I tend to base my choices on either a) are they cute together? or b) is it plausible?

    DerpyWhooves seems to be sort of popular among the fans. I also ship Cheerilee and Big Macintosh (took me three attempts to write Macintosh properly) BECAUSE I CAN.
    The psychological torture thing is what I didn't like.

    LyraBon is my one and only OTP. Though TwiDash is sort of cute.

    I need to watch Doctor Who as well. For David Tennant more than anything else, though I hear the current Doctor is pretty witty.
    I don't really like Discord. Don't know why. Normally, I like ''evil'' characters more than the softer characters, but Discord... Beh. I just dislike him.

    Doctor Whooves is cool for the reference, but hm. He doesn't appear often enough.

    (it's also pretty humorous how the show's artists nearly always make Lyra and Bon-Bon appear alongside each other.)
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