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Recent content by Oblivion

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    Creating your own Pokemon?

    Similarly to Glitchipedia, I have adapted the Glitch Pokemon into a few stories bubbling in my head, though I don't know if that really counts...
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    Hoopa, Volcanion, Diancie Lore revealed

    This probably stems into my own crazy personal theories, but... We know that Unova has a desert featuring broken-down buildings in a desert...filled with ghosts, no less. Who's to say that the ruins in the Desert Resort aren't the broken-down remains of this organization's base?
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    An idea for a Pokemon Game

    I seem to recall a screenshot of a Pokemon fighting game in the works with Blaziken and Lucario? I can't remember the name of the project at all, nor can I locate the screenshot, but I don't think it would be too far off from what you describe.
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    Confession Thread 2.0

    I occasionally have imagery of murdering my father. To clarify, this is imagery. Not actual plans. Also I am not fond of my brain shoving images of dead people at me by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Your username is now a clothing brand!

    The brightest, most sickeningly cheery clothing possible.
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    You've Won the Lottery! What Happens Next?

    Invest in a comfortable, yet not extravagant living space and furnishings thereof, stock up on music equipment so I can attempt to persue that for a career, then put the rest away for whenever it becomes necessary.
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    What kind of gun came to mind when you read this title?

    It's a type of gun, yeah. Also, I always think of a redneck shotgun. Dunno why.
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    Why Pokemon?

    The question I ask is simple: Why do you play the Pokemon games? What about them draws you in, whether you're a veteran player or a newbie? I play the games because, as sappy as it is, they hold a special place in my heart. FireRed was one of my first childhood gaming experiences, and the...
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    Yeah no that's the entirety of my Star Wars experience.
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    Meanwhile you have me. I've only watched Episode II.
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    You wanna go, m8? I've got a DEGREE in this, bro. I'm a DOCTOR. ...of course, I got my doctorate from the same mysterious and ambiguous place all of the other villains with "doctor" in their name got their doctorates but SSSSHHHH.
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    Are you Hot-Blooded or Cold-Blooded?

    I don't have issues to that extent, but I went through what I identified as a minor heat stroke after just an hour or two in 90° F weather.
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    Have anyone ever had trouble raising a particular Pokemon?

    See, the thing is, I avoid level grinding during the main storyline as a personal rule, which sort of came to bite me in the behind, I guess.
  14. O

    Things that frustrate you in games?

    No wait, I forgot one: Stunlocking. When I'm not raging because I've been walking along nothing for half an hour, I'm raging because I have been able to do literally absolutely nothing for the best two minutes while in the middle of a fight.
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    Uh, Force powers are not magic powers. They're PSYCHIC powers. #checkyoursupernaturalprivilege