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  • Oh I'm so sorry. :( Are you ok now?

    Well just some money and a GameStop gift card which I just used to buy Alpha Sapphire. :)
    Good so far. :)

    How was your holidays? :) Mine was good. Got to hang out with my family friends and ate good food. :D
    Totally! :)

    Yes I did. I like it and it's making even more pumped for the full version. xD

    Well I recently got a Wii U so now I have even more games to buy. xD
    Which is why I normally don't join forums but after checking this one out I joined. xD Majority (90%) of users I've meet here were awesome to say the least. :D

    I never got the code since I'm not a Platinum member but I would like to try the demo out. xD I'm still gonna get the game no matter what. ^^

    Not really. I don't have a job any more so I'll just settle for SSB 3DS and OR/AS this year. ^^; I'll probably request OR/AS as an x-mas gift. :p How about you?
    Me too. Also Serebii seems to do way more permabans this one. :(

    Agree. Can't go wrong with the classics. ^^

    Totally agree. We can do now is hope that Nintendo makes a wise decision. D:

    Will do. :)

    I know exactly that feeling. I wish I could move to Japan. :D So many awesome stuff they get that we don't, lol. xD
    I understand. My old laptop did the same too. xD

    Same here only I don't have a Wii U, lol. I'm playing Pokemon X now. ^^

    I feel the same way. I hope future Mario, Zelda and Pokemon games work on current 3DS models.

    I'll give WR a shot then. :)

    She indeed is. Some even call Rumiko the Princess of manga which I agree. xD I also want to visit Japan someday too. :D
    That's okay. ^^ It happens to all of us. xD

    Awesome. I hope it'll last for a while. xD I got another 3DS from a friend of mine around the end of July. :D

    Well apparently Nintendo thinks we are made of money because they releasing the New 3DS in 2015 and it'll have exclusives that will not work on current 3DS models. :(

    I heard about WR and DC but never watched them. ^^ I have been watching some anime movies here and there like The Princess and the Pilot, Steins;Gate - Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu, and Appleseed. All are good movies too . :)

    As for my favorites, I really enjoyed Rurouni Kenshin mostly because it's based loosely on an important Japanese historical time period. I also enjoyed Rumiko Takahashi anime like Maison Ikkoku, InuYasha and Urusei Yatsura since they bare a lot of cultural references to Japan. ^^ I guess you could say I'm a big fan of anime that have lots of Japanese culture but I like watching most anime in general. xD
    Aww. I hope you get the adapter fixed soon. :(

    Speaking of malfunctioning equipment, my DS Lite's left and right shoulder buttons aren't working. D: Probably because I played Mario Kart too much. xD

    I wouldn't count those either. ^^

    Do you watch anime by any chance?
    Thanks. :)

    Nice! I hope I can get one soon but can't afford one now. :(

    The Saturn and the Dreamcast are very underrated systems. Sometimes I wish I could live in Japan. ><

    I beat it already. xD You can't go wrong with Zelda. :D I can't think of a bad Zelda game (or Mario, or Pokemon) lol. :)
    He mostly grey with black and brown. I have an album of him. ^^

    You're so Lucky to have a Wii U. What games do you have for it? I'll keep looking online for one then.

    One Sega games I wish was released for NA is Sakura Wars. I've seen all the anime (TV, OVA and Movie) and read some of the manga nut never played the games. The series was very popular in Japan. :)

    Awesome! How do you like SS so far?
    Socks loves his tree. xD It's like a playground for him. :)

    Me too! My PC needs an upgrade or replacement but I'm just too poor right now. ^^; Heck I can't even afford a Wii U! >< Yeah the mid to late 2000s hasn't been good for Sonic but it's changed for the better. :) I wish I had a Saturn. :( I played NIGHTS on the Wii and Panzer Dragoon on Xbox. It seems like most of Sega's consoles didn't do well (save for the Genesis). Do you remember the Sega vs. Nintendo "war" back in the 90s? xD It was a little before my time but I remember hearing gamers talking about it. ^^;

    That reminded me of when I bought Majora's Mask on N64 but didn't have the required expansion pak. I had to run back to the store and buy one. xD My parents bought me the N64 way back in 1996-97 and it still works today. :D

    Did you beat Twilight Princess? Let me know when you play Skyward Sword. :3
    We just bought our kitty a cat tree. Seems like he loves it. xD *high fives.* :)

    I highly recommend Sonic Heroes. :) I heard the PC version of Generations had a lot of glitches so I'm probably gonna get it on console in the future. ^^ Sonic 2006 brought shame the series but I'm glad Sega wised up to their mistakes. xD

    Other Sega franchises I like are: Panzer Dragoon, Sakura Wars (anime and manga as well), Phantasy Star, Nights, Crazy Taxi, Bayonetta and a few more I can't recall atm. :)

    I'll add Twilight Princess to my list then. xD You'll like Skyward Sword. Just make sure you have the motion plus or else you cannot play the game.
    Awww thank you. :) I agree entirely. :)

    Same here though I heard Sonic Generations is very good. :) I recent replayed Sonic Heroes again. Fun game. :D

    Spoken for the truth! xD Did you beat Twilight Princess? What would you rate it out of 5? I may buy it soon since I heard older Wii games got a huge price drop.

    Skyward Sword is a good game. I really enjoyed it. The motion controls do take some getting used to but worth it. :) Also check out: A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask if you haven't already. :3
    We love to spoil our kitty. He's has several toys to play with. ^^

    Platformers are fun too. Mario is good as always and the older Sonic titles were cool. :)

    I haven't played much Zelda but my favorite would be Ocarina of Time (yes the usual answer). xD Have you played Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess? Are they any good?
    Cat's rule! :) I recently adopted one. He's such a cutie~

    I mostly play racing, fighters and shooters but I'm starting to get into other genres. How about you?

    What Zelda games have you played? Did you like them?
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