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  • I understand. How's life been treating you?
    Great, sounds awesome! I haven't even seen all the places here hahahh. I can't even remember going to the South Island(apparently I went once as a baby XD).
    Haha, that's because they're all in our supermarkets now, jk.

    Ah well that's good that everythings getting better :D

    You're welcome! Yep, sure is. Belatedness is better than nothing :D

    Have you got the new Pokemon game/s yet?
    Hah that's all good! I just logged on from almost a month hiatus again! :p
    I keep going on hiatus lately.
    Sweet how'd you find Kiwiland? :D
    Lucky you knew you would be safe while it was flooding. Do you live near flooded areas?
    Hmm I suppose I had no room for being a grumpy morning person on Christmas. Too much excitement for the lunch(And I suppose the presents, but getting presents just isn't the same as when you get them as a kid :()

    Ooh you've had a birthday since! Happy belated birthday! :birthday:
    I'm sorry I didn't say this before, I would've if I'd been online around then.
    Yay for "belatedness"!
    Yeah, that's true. And I hope things will work out soon. By the way, Happy Birthday! :D
    I suppose I can do nothing now I'm home for now, as of today.
    Well I did get woken up early on Christmas -_- with kiddies in the house when I was away for xmas, it was kinda impossible to sleep in :p and I heard "SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" at around 6:45am to be precise :p

    Belated Merry Christmas to you! :D
    Well, it was something really, really, really important to me and I worked so hard in accomplishing what I wanted but now I know it can never be, no matter what I do.
    Ahh sleeping in is so good. Then it can get annoying when you feel like you're wasting the day that is, lol :p
    Lately I've been getting up around 12ish.
    I kinda knew what I wanted to do with my life but it fell through just the beginning of this week so I'm not sure what I want now. Part of me just wants to say, to hell with it all.
    Yay! Hah I've been on holiday for a month already! Now where did that month go???
    Hah as a result of the holidays, I haven't been on here as much...
    I never went to college or anything. Unless I want to move, there are no good jobs here that require a vast amount of skills.
    That's great! School always got in the way of my fun. XD

    Anyway, I'd like to play Twilight Princess. I haven't gotten to do that yet. D:
    I've been doing pretty good too for the most part, I'm still keeping busy. I need to play some Zelda soon, I haven't done so in over a week.
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