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  • Hi. I’m back from my few month hiatus. xD How’s everything going? It’s been a long while since we talked. :)
    How was your holidays? :) Mine was good. Got to hang out with my family friends and ate good food. :D

    I didn't get mine yet. xD How was Alpha Sapphire?
    Ikr? It feels like forever. xD

    I recently saw Fury. It's good if you are into military movies. :)

    Awesome! :)

    Did you get OR/AS? I'll be getting mine around Xmas. :)
    Oh, thay explains this. I'd personally wait until your test is over so you can study in order to do well and then relax. But this is the Thanksgiving holidays so you won't have time to study if you're with family and friends so there's another problem.

    I really like it, the game feels like the originals so much, but with some upgrades to make it feel recent like PokeNav Plus. SPPf does get pretty dull around holidays, or so I've heard. I'm not too surprised, but the ORAS discussions are at a high point right now and the anime section is exploding with the new episodes.

    I wouldn't have minded being banned for a week over this, but a month is going way far since I didn't know you can't report VM's if you can't reply to them. It's a bad rule when the only justification is that mods need to post on some user's walls for moderation reasons, but they could just say it doesn't matter to them.
    How come? School taking a lot of time?

    I've been decent, mostly excited for ORAS, and I finally have it. It is? I thought most wouldn't care less aside from a few people. :/

    As for the random leave, this:
    Me: *gets VM but the user who VMed him has no way for him to reply. No VMs, PMs, nothing.*

    *I report user, gets a 3 point infraction and at the time is banned for a week but...*

    *ONE DAY LATER....*

    Mods:" Due to you having a lot of infraction history (*cough even if most of them have expired, cough*) EXCUSE ME we will edit that cough out, we have decided to ban you for a month. Have a nice day."
    ^ Pretty much that, in a nutshell. ^
    Long time no see. ^^

    Yep! We actually got two (blue and red) in America. xD

    Me too. I thought they were both funny. :)

    It's about a boy who befriends some alien girls and go on adventures.

    I finally got a Wii U. :)
    [ Yup.

    It is. How wonderful that you can enjoy longer summers! xD No problem. :)

    Also I'm back at SPPF for who knows how long if you're wondering. ]
    Did you hear about SSB edition 3DS XL that Europe will be getting?

    Chinatown, Apocalypse Now (both came out in the 70s) and last night I saw Cats & Dogs and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. :)

    FMA is a classic. :) I've been watching Tenchi Muyo OVAs. xD
    [ So hopefully this campaign goes, not well....

    IKR? I've been good, school is back this week though. You? :) ]
    I will~ Sims is a game series that anyone can get into. :) They can also be addicting. xD

    Black looks great with any electronic device. ^^ My 3DS XL is black too. :D Is your 3DS the XL model?

    What else have you been up to?


    Eh true, but they're the main target audience, so that should be natural, but I see where you're coming from.
    Some of the JPN users on Serebii have said it's pretty good so I guess I'll give them the benefit of the doubt just this once.
    Who doesn't? :XD2:
    True. She also said in an interview she had fun dubbing both the Reshiram and Zekrom versions of M14.

    Same here. I'm guessing it'll at least be decent if the JPN fandom likes it so far without overrating it.
    You get a few bad lines in movies, but not a lot like from M16:
    "I'm so happy, I could fly!" - Iris (leaping onto a tree branch) (Last time I checked, Ms. Dragon Master, humans can't fly).
    Didn't say whether she prefers one over the other, but likes dubbing the movies, as on her myspace account, during its hype,
    she said she had a blast (all in caps) dubbing M09.

    I think her best movie performances (still mediocre in all honesty) from each series was:



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