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  • Neat! Glad you'll be getting it back. :)

    I was pretty young too. Maybe 6 or 7. xD

    It is. :( What are your favorite Sandler movies?
    Did you leave it your friends or something like that?

    I remember watching the First movie at theaters. :)

    Well that's good. :) My friends and family didn't like his movies. :(
    Yea, not to mention her temper and fiery nture are one of things which made her character so enjoyable, complex and realistic to follow. Serving as mask to hide her tender, sweet side, own fears and insecurities. Being girl which didn't hesitate in standing up for herself and own beliefs, knowing how to take care of herself.

    Btw nice avatar. Coinway was interesting character and creepy with his sneaking and disturbing faces. :p
    Again? Well that's your choice but I always try to hold on to my old games. Never know when I might get the urge to play them again. ^^

    Yay! Great minds think alike! xD

    Victory! Glad to see another Adam Sandler fan. :) A lot of people don't seem to like him much. :C
    I haven't played Pearl in ages! xD

    My favorite would be Pokemon 2000 followed by The First Movie. :D

    I'll check it out sometime then. :) I really enjoyed Adam Sandler's movies like 50 First Dates. ^^
    Strange, because most people which dislike her i know about watched whole Johto, Hoenn, even chronicles still strongly disliking Misty. Hating how she is sarcastic or strongwilled, her passion for romance, water pokemon or cute things. But hotheaded side as well which was still present, but not in same amount due to maturing.

    Breed of fans i met disliked everything which stood up for Misty unforetunately, with temper being one of many things which bugged them about her(sad because thats one of things which makes her character great).Either way i dont care what they may think, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there will always be dislikers for every character. Because you cannot please everyone.

    As for Kaori well in worst case scenario, writers could always hire alternate voice actor most suitable in adequatelly reflecingt May personality like they did for Jessie temporarily when her VA left on maternity leave. Or even going as far in employing new voice actoir when older one passed away for Giovanni. So hope is still there imo.
    I have Sapphire but not Ruby so I might get Omega Ruby. ^^

    I wish I could go too. xD

    So what movies have you recently seen? I watched Godzilla and Xmen: Days of Future Past.
    I hope so too. I'm still deciding which version to get. xD

    I can't wait for Nintendo's e3 this coming Tuesday. :)
    Interestingly enough before you said this i didn't noticed many people having issues with Misty hotheaded nature. Thats part of who she was and who she is, stilll having feisty side and temper after maturing. But in less violent, impulsive way you could say which opened door toward sevceral other fun traits of character being explored complimenting nicely tomboyish aspect of character. For me anyway.

    About May new design in ORAS, after initial impression im starting to kinda like it lol. Dunno, it gives some fresh juvenile note to character looking different. But in a sorta good way. Than again im still pondering over how do i feel about her and Brandon new looks in games. Itll take awhile, but i think i could get accustomed to it.

    Speaking of potential return, its sad that May voice actor suffer from such hard to cure and acute disease. Im still hoping this wont present obstacle for May comeback because i miss her wanting to see her again.

    Ironically enough in Misty case with voice actor its opposite. Mayumi IIzuka wants to voice Misty again not wanting that she gets forgotten, but writers dont want to.
    Oh just noticed protagonists for RS remakes are revealed. Wow, May looks well in least hand unusual. Different than she used to be in original games.
    Try checking Misty threads, like "did you like Misty role in anime". You would be surprised how much negativity and dislike was present there. With most people finding her as "useless", "Togepi placeholder", "mean redhead which abused Ash" or "boring motherly drone which has no personality, goals or avhievements". On top of that in most threads asking for previous character return, Misty almost gets no votes with no one wanting to see her ever again. Backed with claims," she has no room to be done anything"(yeah like unfinished dreams, her unexplored pokenmon team and fears apparently dont exist)," she was mistake and should be left forgotten in past". "She was background and i dislike her" etc, etc.

    I warn you, you may not like most of comments present in such threads. So its better of that you skip it altogether.

    Oh, what new look. You mean her look from old Ruby and Sapphire or Emerald? Well ill admit i prefer her Ruby/Sapphire look , but Emerald outfit suited her well for Wallace Cup cameo imo.
    Yeah she does. Interestingly enough she on bulbagarden mostly gets positive commentaries. Misty on other hand gets mostly criticism, hatred and negative remarks being quite disliked in here unfortunately nowadays. I say nowadays, because when i joined in 2008. and 2009, Misty was very liked, appreciated and acknowledged for her impact , positive appeal she brought to series.

    Replaced May? Not sure if i understand question. Every girl is replaced in favor of new "eye candy" when new generation is at the door.
    That post on May was beautiful, absaolutely beautiful. You caught perfectly her true appeal, uniqueness of story and peaceful, vivid nature she delivered to anime. Reminded me why May is my second favorite girl. Im an old chool i guess, so Misty still remains number 1 for me. :-D
    Hi, are you by any chance pokeshipper 9000 from serebii?

    Nvm, just noticed you changed your name to OfCorsola on serebii too. Didn't recognized you right away. :p
    Did you beat it? What would you rate it out 5 stars?

    This seems like an interesting concept: Nintendo Patents Handheld with Swappable Buttons - IGN
    How was Twilight Princess? I might get it for the Wii or GameCube.

    I can't wait to pick up Super Smash Bros 3DS over the summer. :D
    Same here with Super Mario 64. :D

    So what Zelda games have you played? I've played: Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, a little bit of Wind Waker (borrowed my friend's copy), Minish Cap, A Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening.

    I'd like to play Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.
    Just playing Zelda and Mario on my Wii. :) Are you into the Zelda and the Mario games?

    No I haven't but i might look in to it. :)
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