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    What was your favorite season of the anime so far?

    Favorite is season 8 of advance generation. I just was in love with AG. Indigo League for humor DP for character treatment (except for Brock and TR and sort of Ash)
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    What's your sexuality?

    Asexual....found out when I was disgusted by my first sexual experience.
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    Have You Ever Received A Warning on a Forum?

    Back on Serebii when I was pretty new. I didn't know what "bumping" meant. I also didn't have a right sized signature. I also got a warning for spamming, I was being off topic. But yeah, should've read the rules. Those were only three and that happened like three years ago :P
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    Should Ash have an actual love interest?

    No. It would be too forced and ruin Ash's character. He's a dense guy, let him be.
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    What guy do you want with Ash?

    I love Palletshipping, so Gary. Or Drew (Since he's similar to Gary) But then I was thinking about Comashipping. Ash and Paul together would be so angsty,
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    Would you want your ship to become canon?

    Not any Ash ships. As much as I love Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping and all these other Ash ships, it'll just lure in mega chaos to the fandom. I mean, we've seen the OTH fandom with the Brucas/Leyton love triangle. The love "hexagon" is going to be reaaaal hectic with pokemon. I would...
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    Would you Rather Have TR's Pokemon Leave or Stay for Gen 7?

    Stay. They were here for this long, I don't see why they have to leave now. If the writers wanted to replace TR with the evil team of each generation, they should've done that long before Misty left...or even Brock. If they're still here, it most likely means they're not going anywhere.
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    How will Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon effect the anime?

    I mean, the obvious answer for this is we're just going to get a new arc. As I mentioned, I would be pleased if I could see some changes. I want Ash to have a new female rival, Serena to stay, and a male companion costar. I could go on and on.
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    Saddest goodbye in the anime?

    James leaving Chimeco. TR leaving Weezing and Arbok Ash leaving Misty
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    Spoilers Character Redesigns: Yay or Nay?

    Strongly dislike them at first, but eh now i'm used to it. May looks deaged, and I loved her ruby/sapphire design the most. Brendan looked like a cutie before and now he looks like hes been working out with mega swampurt as his fitness trainer..
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    Brock, Cilan and Tracey: Why Bother?

    I thought that Brock had great characterization and his goal was bluntly obvious. I could name so many episodes where he had importance in Kanto and Johto and some spots in Hoenn. I think the show would have been negatively different with out him. However, in DP this is where I strongly...
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    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    I don't like Brendan and May's new look. I'm mildly disappointed.Tbh I loved their Ruby design more than emerald.
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    May/Haruka as a companion

    She's my favorite companion, hands down. Lol jk you can think what you want but she's my favorite. She had spunk, that ditzyness, she was a realistic character. We got that clumsy side of her, that shy side of her, and even her romantic side. (Always saying how Ash never understood love) She...
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    What If You Married The Avatar Above?

    I'd probably run away.
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    Should Ash Re-challenge the Kanto Gym Leaders whom he got the "Free Badges" from?

    He doesn't really need to. As long as they make new regions, Screw Kanto! No really though, I don't think it really matters. He's challenged Brock and Misty many times already fairly.