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  • Hi, I just added your friend code and I'd be happy if you did the same. Then I can visiti your contact safari. Here's my friend code: 4485-0257-4003.
    Either one, though the card game would have to wait about an hour.

    Also, I have a terrakion in my deck right now that I'll take out if you'd rather not use legends.
    I now have a fire/water deck without any legendaries.
    Wanna battle be on PTCGO? I've put together a decent deck, and it doesn't involve legendaries or EXs.
    Ah, that makes sense! I always find it interesting how people come across their usernames. Well, let's both have fun chatting on the forums! What types of boards will you be posting on? I'll probably be hanging around the art and game boards mostly.
    That's awesome! And haha rice is great.
    My username is just a shortened version of my real name! From Andre ---> Drey XD
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