• Another scrumptious episode of Bulbacast has been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it here. I hope you don't feel desserted after watching this one.
  • Hello all! The forum staff have introduced a new rule set. We've reduced the number of rules, made trick language easier to understand, and have hopefully simplified the rules to make understanding them easier. Please have a read over the new forum rules here.
  • Fun & Games is searching for new mods! Did I catch your attention? Head on over here!
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  • Welcome to the Forums at Bulbagarden! You should remember to read the rules located at the Garden Grotto; they're prefixed by "Sticky: " You can also introduce yourself at the Garden Grotto. We have a policy on being nice, so don't be mean to people. Once again, welcome! You can ask me questions about the forums too. Yes, I say this to everyone.
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