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  • Do you like the rides as well? I go to the SeaWorld in Orlando. Manta is the love of my life. <3 Thanks for accepting my friend request!
    yeah I know oh yeah Dreams and Disasters, I forgot about that one I love it too :3 oh yeah did you watch Wreck-It-Ralph because I missed it so yeah I didn't get to but When Can I See You Again? is the song from there oh but Adam's songs are appearing in more movies like awesome did you see the trailer for that new movie called "Epic" I think? Shooting Star was in it and it looks like a good movie plus it's got Josh Hutcherson in it lol
    yeah lol all Adam's albums are amazing, even TMS like some people criticize it but really it still sounds amazing I like Dementia, Silhouette, Speed Of Love and Shooting Star oh and I figured out how to add a music player to my blog and it's randomized so you don't know which song comes next I don't even remember all the songs I added to the playlist lol but I'm pretty sure there's only two songs in there not sung by Adam the rest are pretty much all Owl City and Sky Sailing
    lol yeah I like All Things Bright And Beautiful too, like The Real World sometimes is how I actually feel about the real world but that's probably the point of the song lol I really like The Yacht Club too sometimes I listen to it just to hear Adam say "chocolate"

    P.S. sorry I replied late
    oh hey turns out I can be online today, so what's your favorite Sky Sailing song? I really like Captains Of The Sky, Brielle, Alaska and Flowers Of The Field.
    I have to go to sleep now though because it's like 11:00 PM here good night, it was nice talking to you :3

    P.S. but I might not be online tomorrow, sadly
    yeah, I know right? Port Blue is awesome and I like Insect Airport too. It's hard for me to pick my favorite song because you know there are so many choices and they're all so good like asdfghjkl uuhh but I guess Cave In or Rainbow Veins. I'm listening to How I Became The Sea right now, though.
    like sure there are people here who also sorta like Owl City but as in a legit hoot owl who's obsessed with Adam Young who keeps up with the news and stuff *high wings back*
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