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Recent content by leetic!

  1. leetic!

    Contest Pseudo Legendaries (Gen 8 version)

    Tyranitar in S tier, Dragapult in A+ tier, Hydreigon in A tier, Kommo-o and Salamence in A- tier, Garchomp and Metagross in B tier, Dragonite in D tier, and Goodra in F tier.
  2. leetic!

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Sadly, whenever I got a Pokémon Ranger game it was used so I couldn't send a Manaphy egg. It's a decent breaker, at least. Kricketot.
  3. leetic!

    What is the most forgettable Pokemon of all?

    Many of the Gen IV baby Pokémon, even the TCG tends to forget that these exist.
  4. leetic!


    Keep, fine as is Utility Umbrella
  5. leetic!

    Eeveelution Quiz!!!

    Got Espeon, with Umbreon and Leafeon tied for second. Jolteon is in dead last at 0%
  6. leetic!

    The Alphabet Game

    My name is Roberto, my wife's name is Rosa, we live near the Red Sea and we sell Reuniclus plushies.
  7. leetic!

    Do you get attached to your teams?

    A bit too much. My problem is that I have Pokémon that are meant to be placeholders yet after a while I am too attached to them to replace them. Sometimes, like with Pelipper in SM they can be surprisingly good. Usually, they're dead weight after a certain point.
  8. leetic!

    Pokémon you think need buffs?

    Torterra is okay in lower tiers but only really sees more usage when people are that strapped for Volt Switch immunities and I think it needs more love. Giving it Shell Smash would offset many of its flaws, and since it would be checked by things like Corviknight and bulky grasses it wouldn't be...
  9. leetic!

    Regrettable starter choice

    I regret going with Rowlet in SM. Well actually, its early forms weren't bad because Flying is a really good type for ingame purposes. But later on, Decidueye's awkward stat distribution, comparatively low speed, and most importantly its weakness to Dark meant it was being killed way to often in...
  10. leetic!

    Least favourite move?

    Scald burns can ruin your day more than any other move, so that gets my vote. They at least nerfed other overbearing moves like Swagger, Stealth Rock, Fake Out, Protect, and even Minimize have been nerfed, directly or indirectly, so why nothing was ever done about this broken move is beyond me...
  11. leetic!

    The Alphabet Game

    My name is Magnus, my wife's name is Mikoto, we live in Myanmar and we sell mixtapes.
  12. leetic!

    Weird cliche with starter pokemon

    None of these actually have the worst stats of their trio. Cinderace is arguably the best of the Galar trio, Chesnaught is better suited to its role than Delphox is to its role, and Primarina is the only one of the Alola starters to have a stat distribution that actually makes sense (although...
  13. leetic!

    What do you NOT miss about the older games?

    HMs: Duh Not having good hazard removal: The addition of Defog's secondary effect and the Rapid Spin buff were much needed. Arbitrary barriers to in-game competitive battling: There are still issues with this but it's gotten a lot better. The Safari Zone: This was just RNG, even if HGSS's had...
  14. leetic!

    Best Kanto Game?

    I haven't actually played any of the Kanto games. I guess that would put HGSS as my favorite Kanto experience.
  15. leetic!

    How many favorite Pokemon do you have?

    There are other Pokémon that I really like, but only Honchkrow can truly be considered my favorite.