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Recent content by Oshawhat!?

  1. O

    PREVIEW: BW039 - Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeops!!

    From Slowkingsley on Serebii.
  2. O

    PREVIEW: BW36- Iris and Excadrill

    Tell me about it, that extra 2 episodes are really going to impact the pacing of the show. I mean what if we don't get to the gym for 2 MORE episodes? o.o The Blasphemy.
  3. O

    PREVIEW: BW36- Iris and Excadrill

    It's real, just so there's no more doubt on its authenticity. http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/5296/bw36le.jpg Eh sounds okay to me. Not a huge fan of Excadrill, but I've barely seen him. We will see.
  4. O

    Caption the screenshots!

    Lol Jack Baur! I just watched the EMP episode today, omg. TP VS TR needed one of those!
  5. O

    BW031 - The Lost Scalchop! Mijumaru's Greatest Crisis!!

    Yeah because you can really tell a summary is fake by the name of the character. And I highly doubt a Mod would post fake info on their own website. Not to mention that Kenyan is probably an ode to Kenya, which is where Blitzle/Zebra are from. It's real.
  6. O

    BW031 - The Lost Scalchop! Mijumaru's Greatest Crisis!!

    From Sushi at Serebii.
  7. O

    Has your name ever been used in the anime?

    It has now that BW010 has been dubbed ;) I never thought they would name a Character Pierce. It helps that its a badass Team Rocket Agent as well :D
  8. O

    BW034-36 (Unconfirmed)

    I basically got this after using google translate, its probably no where near what the titles actually are xD BW034 - Sigilyph! The Guarded Sand City!! BW035 - Hatooboo VS Barujiina! Battle in the Sky! BW036 - Nimbasa City Night Festival! Yeah I bet someone can do better....Although if these...
  9. O

    BW034-36 (Unconfirmed)

    http://yuzuru.2ch.net/poke/1285683427/ Can anyone translate these? I know they may be fake, but someone said it was from Dengeki Magazine? Sorry if these turn out to be fake, I just thought someone may find it interesting.
  10. O

    REVIEW: "A Rival Battle for Club Champ!" Review Thread

    Haven't seen this ep yet, but I had to comment. YES my name is finally in Pokemon! I thought it would never happen.....*Cries*
  11. O

    BW032 - Beloved Cottonee Rides the Wind!

    It flies, its a grass type, and its different then Tsutarja and Kurumiru. He can catch it. /sarcasm
  12. O

    BW032 - Beloved Cottonee Rides the Wind!

    Well, the summary does mention Satoshi and Cottonee in the same sentence. So he obviously will get it....
  13. O

    BW031 - The Lost Scalchop! Mijumaru's Greatest Crisis!!

    Not to mention Mijumaru would have to become a Daikenki when that thing evolves into a Denchura. Either that or Mijumaru's gonna have one big-ass scalchop replacement.
  14. O

    BW032 - Beloved Cottonee Rides the Wind!

    From TV Tokyo as well, not exactly great at translating though...
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    BW030 - The Road to Becoming a Dragon Master! Axew VS Druddigon!!

    From TV Tokyo Again I don't know if a thread to itself is necessary, but since new info has come out about this episode. Why not? Honestly I hated Druddigon when I first saw him in September, but the anime has completely changed my mind. Did the same thing with Pignite as well. Huh....wonder...