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  • That'd be nice. A whole lot of crazy crap happened in my life that had nothing to do with video games, and I dunno if t'll ever be able to reset to "old times" on that end... but I hope it works out for you~
    I'm working on getting my old game fixed. I know a guy... anyway, no promises, but I think it'd be nice to be like old times.
    Thanks! It's amusing how even legendaries become adorable (while still maintaining their badass) when they are turned into plushies. :D
    There's a character in the game that only says puns.
    You get an achievement/trophy for hearing them all.
    It only costs like $15.99 or something. So it isn't that expensive (the game).

    For Shovelry!
    It isn't the GOAT but it's good. I'm not going to bootlick it and say ''this game is a gift from Heaven itself'' or anything of the like. You should have seen one of the trailers for the game. It was basically just quoting video game ''journalists''.
    Hello. How are you?
    Ever heard of Shovel Knight? It's a video game. It's kinda like a retro throwback, supposed to be like the video games from the 80's (or from the NES). I'm not from that time period and I still think that it kinda looks like from the 80's but it has too much detail when compared to Mega Man or the original Super Mario Bros.
    I know it sounds like I'm promoting this game but I'm not.
    It helps that I seen some of her handiwork and the Tao Dragon thing is mostly due to the Fire/Electric thing, sort of a pun really
    Let me guess, Larxene012's thread's getting on your nerves? Honestly if she instigates a flame war I would laugh at the irony, maybe make joke comparison to the Tao dragons
    Between the handle and the membership into the KH group I am forced to assume that you frequent the khinsider forums?
    He just looks so darn happy bobbing around. Shiny Feraligatr is a badass too.
    CUUUUUUUUUPCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES!!!!!!!!! Did you leave one for me? :eek:
    Chris Kyle? Sorry I didn't :/ Wow that's neat ^^ Do you nickname all your pokes then?

    I had that problem too xD Basically a team of all-out attackers! But I say do it owo TR is troll, and the cool thing is it gives the chancd to shine to pokes who doesnt have a chance otherwise c:
    Oh VGC are the rules of oficial tournaments, guess they are like battle spot tho xD Oh congrats ^^ Did you nickname it? For Blasty too bad it doesn't have a way of recovery (not counting aqua ring).

    Oh btw
    jk about the cake ^^
    Enough, happy b-day Blacky c: Hope you get to spend it awesomely!
    I am sure it must have been added in the last update, tho I can't say for sure since I started breeding at the start of XY I used only gen6 born ones.

    You put up a fight tho ^^ And that's great. But ye must suck. Do you play VGC?
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