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  • Well, this is weird. Diamond is a DS game. I'm playing it in my 3DS. (don't hate me) Now my 3DS already has Clear (my wireless broadband) as a wireless provider but apparently my Diamond isn't compatable with it?
    yeah, now it won't connect to my wireless internet. Let me adjust it and we can try again on sunday. Cool?
    Dude, I play it on the job. It's alittle "grr" cause it's staring Ammy's son, so all the brush stroke charaters had kids and that's how this little guy gets his powers. It's funny and full of action like the wii game. It's pretty good.
    Music? Wow, well, Alternative, Rock, R&B, some rap, Tokyo pop, blues, jazz.....needless to say i like alot of music. Like Linkin park, Rahmshtine (sp?) and Andre 3000. I like to listen to the whole openings or endings of my fave anime...I can get into alot.
    Music? Wow, well, Alternative, Rock, R&B, some rap, Tokyo pop, blues, jazz.....needless to say i like alot of music.
    sorry about that! had to work. How about tomorrow? I live in usa, st.louis mo. so my 12:30 might not be your 12:30...but is that a cool time to meet and trade?
    Yesh, i like death note as well. L will live in my heart for always. *sigh*
    Hello, I have returned to the forums! while it was updating I decided to take a little break off of it and just relax and hang out with my friends. Then I decided to make a 3DS Fan page on Facebook yesterday and I got 8 likes YAY (i wish it was more lol like my Pokemon Fan Page on Facebook oh well :( ) How have you been doing ? I haven't talked to you since may 13th :( I am such a bad friend. I hope all has been well with you and I hope you reply soon so I have someone to talk to. Thank you for being my friend. ~Love Laura~ Playing 3DS game - Nintendogs + cats:French Bull Dog version! Keep being awesome.

    {P.S} Do you own a 3DS?
    Totally! I want it traded to my Diamond! Cool! Btw, you like death note? have you read the manga or seen the anime?
    Hellos! I wouldn't mind trading your for your darkri. Would you want him back or could I keep him and what would you like in return for him?
    You're welcome! Your posts were great, and I was getting depressed at some of the other posts that were getting lots of "likes."
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