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  • Petra's name is Greek in origin, meaning "rock" or "stone"... good thing she ended up with them in the end.
    yeah me too x) i think it will cos it might 'break out' of its shell maybe? and that sucks, why would you need to be up at 5 though if you're just collecting a timetable x) but that sucks am sorry :c

    and i think so? I cant understand japanese but it's gonna be subbed in like half an hour, but im pretty positive it was revealed x)
    amg tomorrow :eek: better be!! u missed a good snk ep today too

    korra was ok! i still dont like the animation yet but it was p good :0

    and i dont really mind it, i prefer it a bit more now i've seen more of it but idk i was expecting it to be different, i hope it looks cool final evo tho
    hey fuck u, at least i dont look like haribogu like someone here

    and it better be thats aggessss :c ur gonna miss snk and korra :c do u want an hour long transcript of korra sent to u cos i can do it

    you have work and school next week rite? :(
    haha its ok :c and its ok, but ur lying its so weird looking, froakie's is the best! whens ur internet back
    Grass/Dark would suck, even more now they nerfed it even more with Fairies. I think it's Espurr and will evolve again. I like that they have gender-specific movepools.

    Yeah, Pyroar is Litleo's evolution. Dunno if you saw, but it was leaked on IGN lastnight then officially revealed a few hours ago. There's a short video here: Pyroar Revealed for Pokemon X and Y - IGN

    oh ok don't be running up their electric bill bitch
    Nah m8 it's gonna be Grass/Steel or Grass/Fight. Really not seeing it turning out as Grass/Dark though. Yeah, Froakie is going Water/Dark and Fennekin obvs Fire/Psychic. Not a big fan of Chespin's evolution, but I have faith that its final will look amazing.

    What do you think of the fossils, the cats and Pyroar?

    also how are you even online
    Hahaha if it makes u feel better your the first actually being my birthday! Also tyty thank u ;-; my phone died and my mums won't let me on Skype ;(
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