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  • Hi, welcome to the forums and I've added you as a friend ^^
    I don't like Brock either, he bored me so Best Wishes has already been ten times better cuz of him leaving. Glad to see you seem to like Negaishipping too. I bet your excited for N to appear in the anime? Any ways nice to meet yah.
    Welcome you POKEMON fan to my channel!
    somethings you should know about me:
    I love Iris, Dento, N, Satoshi, Haruka, Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasu
    I Like Shooty, Shinji, Shigeru and Kasumi
    I dislike Takeshi
    And I SUPER F*CKINGLY HATE HIKARI! however i don't judge those who like them! anyone can have their oppinion IMO (WTF is wrong that phrase?)
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