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  • I wonder if air_dmzil will at least be willing to take a decent photo of CoroCoro's cover. He did at least give us a glimpse of White Kyurem's artwork two months ago.
    Bear in mind that I don't expect the original dragon to be normally available, nor do I think it will be revealed this month. If that were to happen, it would upstage the Kyurem Formes, making them look rather redundant. I think that Akumora's plan for Kyurem will fail, in part because Kyurem itself will reject Ghetsis. Instead of Kyurem holding the energies of both dragons, N will defeat Kyurem and make it release the energy that belongs to Hilbert/Hilda's dragon. But by N befriending Kyurem, a bond will be formed between N's dragon and Kyurem, and only then will the player be able to catch Kyurem.

    The return of the original dragon will be more complicated and will take more time. One possibility is for the original dragon to be featured alongside Genesect in next year's movie, but that could be problematic because it would be harder to promote Generation VI that way. It would be better if one of those Pokémon were distributed by the end of this year, in which case it would be better to give that treatment to the original dragon because it should have a very substantial in-game event that would complete the story; a Wi-Fi event like that would be a very good way to further promote B2W2 a few months after the release date. The problem is that Genesect appears first in the National Pokédex, so it's hard to imagine the original dragon being revealed first unless it didn't have a Pokédex number, which is definitely a possibility.

    I expect to see several trailers after the 15th, but they may not release one on the 15th itself. When we get closer to the release, they should start updating the website a lot more frequently than they have done so far.
    I agree. There are so many hints and good reasons to include a new region, that it is too soon to lose hope just because of one advertisement. Even if the map is revealed this month, there will still be a lot to ponder about in regard to Unova. Besides, the guide released in June will most likely just deal with the main story, since it is described as a "fast" walkthrough which is good for people who want to proceed in the game right away. The two guides released in July will be more exhaustive and informative, and obviously one of them will deal with the post-League content.
    Not many people seem to realize that Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl were all developed in just two years, whereas Platinum only took about 8 months (if that). The claim that Game Freak haven't had enough memory or time to make B2W2 truly stand out from their predecessors is absurd. In addition, you're absolutely right that B2W2's development most likely started in early 2010 at the latest while Game Freak were finalizing Black and White.

    Kanto's main problem was indeed the story, and it's a shame that wasn't rectified in Crystal or HGSS. Actually, this is one of the reasons I don't want to see another set of gyms, but rather a story-oriented quest with actually challenging battles. I suspect that the old Team Plasma won't be around in Unova, considering that Ghetsis was said to have disappeared and Akuroma is the only character in the opening that may be a villain. My current speculation is that Akuroma is Ghetsis' heir, and he is going to earn his father's respect by avenging his loss to Hilbert/Hilda and making Kyurem absorb the energy of their dragon. Hilbert/Hilda and the player will be unable to prevent this from happening, and so the main story in Unova will end on a bleak note. The next stage in Akuroma's plan will be reuniting with Ghetsis in the region where N has lived in the past two years. They will plot to defeat N and have Kyurem absorb the energy of the second dragon, which in theory will make Kyurem "evolve" into the original dragon as theorized in Akuroma's book. The player will have to find N first and warn him of what is about to happen.
    The amount of content that I predicted should only be about one half of the overall coverage, especially since it just pertains to things we've seen before in the trailers. The booklet should have at least 15 pages as was the case with Black and White booklets released in July, August and September (the July example is the most relevant one because only two pages were dedicated to new Pokémon).

    As far as I'm concerned, there is no excuse for releasing a sequel with only Unova in it. It's good that the region has changed in several ways and that the main story will manage to feel fresh, but what about the post-League quest? That was Black and White's biggest problem, and in this case it definitely won't be passable to just make a few more locations accessible in Unova with more old Pokémon. Which locations aren't going to be seen before the League, anyway? Icirrus City and Nuvema Town? Maybe Accumula, Striation and Nacrene will be reserved for that part, as well, but so what? Nacrene City doesn't even seem to exist anymore.

    The games have more than enough space for a second region, and it wouldn't have to be bigger than the Sevii Islands to be more interesting than those were. I would personally find it depressing if this generation ended up just showcasing Unova, as I definitely expect B2W2 to be the last DS games. I want to see Game Freak finally tackle the idea of two regions better than they did in the Johto games and FRLG.
    I don't know what to expect from CoroCoro aside from confirmation of who the villainous team is, an explanation of the in-game movie and AR Seeker features, and the announcement of a new Pokémon. They're probably going to touch upon the Keldeo event and the Musketeer trio's role in the games, too. I absolutely think that eastern Unova should be unveiled, but that advertisement has obviously planted seeds of doubt in my mind. I'm worried that they're putting too much focus on the wrong things. If to be honest, I didn't like last month's scoop too much; I think that information should have been revealed in March instead. Of course, I thought the same thing about FRLG, which were unprecedented games for their time; their coverage was quite luckluster as even when the Sevii Islands were surprisingly revealed in January 2004, fans had no idea what to expect from them.

    The Sevii Islands are indeed the only region until now to have had a map with brown edges. Hopefully that means something.

    In another screenshot, Shizui tells the player that they can reach far-off places by swimming with their Pokémon. I don't know how to reconcile that with the fact that he seems to be using a boat in that other screenshot. Perhaps the swimming quote is a reference to the player surfing through a river to get to the League, whereas Shizui himself is going to leave Unova to return to his homeland. He may be telling the player to become a Champion before they leave Unova, as well.
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