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  • Serebii's timing shows how obscure the announcement was. I don't doubt that is something big, but the teaser was really random.
    I was also thinking of SPPf, PokéBeach, PokéJungle and 2ch.

    The TV Tokyo commercial was barely noticed. I had to tell Serebii about it to get him to post something; he was least four hours late.
    I'm sure that it's game related, though. There is probably a reason why they showed the teaser right after the B2W2 animated trailer.
    TV Tokyo revealed that there is going to be a big announcement on January 8th. The circumstances are pretty odd, though. Will the announcement be in the form of some animated trailer?
    The second one is probably just Dragonite. I don't see why it would have a clock but not a keychain, or more importantly why a new Pokémon would have a keychain but not a clock.

    I want to see merchandise for the Eevee short.
    The data never really helped us predict Formes. Deoxys didn't have any hidden data in Generation III, and it was only in retrospect that hackers found the data for the Platinum Formes in Diamond and Pearl. In Black and White, only Kyurem had data indicating that it would have one more Forme, but most fans had predicted that without being aware of the data.

    Formes aren't the only problem with legendaries in recent generations - there are just too many of them. Many supposedly legendary Pokémon (that don't have any real myths to speak of) would have been better off having slightly lowered stats and being treated as Arcanine/Volcarona-like Pokémon. Namely, that is how Latias, Latios, Heatran, Shaymin, the Kami trio and Meloetta should have been handled. Even then, I would have merged the Kami trio into one Pokémon with three Formes (the Therian ones), but perhaps that would have required making it legendary. Phione and Regigigas shouldn't have been introduced at all. Manaphy and Victini are a lot less interesting than their predecessors are, but I guess that their existence is justified.

    10 should be the maximum for the number of legendaries per generation. The fewer legendaries there are, the more potential the region's mythology has to feel connected and developed. I'm also in favor of connecting legendaries from different regions, but not in a lazy way as in Regigigas' case.
    I want the next region to be based on Tohoku, of which we already saw a glimpse in HGSS (the Sinjoh Ruins). The reason that I want to see it is that I've been waiting a very long time for Game Freak to incorporate the Unown mystery into a fully-fledged mythology. Even though that didn't happen in Generation IV as I had hoped, the Sinjoh Ruins event ended in a tantalizing way:

    The power of Arceus and the Unown affected each other to create a huge energy, which took you to the Sinjoh Ruins...? Unown, the Ruins of Alph, and Arceus... The mystery deepens. It has made me even more inquisitive! I will one day solve all the mysteries!
    Granted, that just made me hopeful for Generation V, which only led to disappointment. So I am not really expecting anything now, especially since Game Freak don't seem capable of doing something new and interesting with pre-existing elements.
    It doesn't really matter to me which version would be remade. I assume that most of the Emerald features would be included anyway, but I am not looking forward to seeing any story with Team Magma or Team Aqua again. Not at all. I wish I could say that the series has evolved from the days of a one-region story revolving around the badge quest, but unfortunately B2W2 show that isn't the case yet, if it ever will be. But that's why I don't understand why you think remaking Emerald would be a good idea. I'm all in favor of re-releasing the pre-DS games as eShop ports, though.
    At this point, there isn't a real debate going on. It's just that there are still a vocal minority of fans who are adamant that Generation V shouldn't end soon because there are still things that can be done with it. They're blatantly ignoring the facts and aren't worth bothering with. I am more annoyed by the people who think that Game Freak didn't mean anything by their greeting card. They're forgetting that Game Freak don't tend to say anything about projects that are far from release.

    I don't want to ever see remakes of any games, quite frankly. I liked the Hoenn games just fine, but remakes would hold back innovation and progress. Ultimately, FRLG and HGSS didn't look out of place because they were released in generations that relied quite heavily on the formula established in the first two generations. Unfortunately, the Hoenn games wouldn't look simplistic compared to the Unova games, but I hope that Generation VI will finally shake things up to the point of rendering remakes undesirable. By all means, Hoenn should be incorporated into one of the Generation VI games, but not at the expense of holding back the generation as a whole.
    Well, if you want to play devil's advocate, Masuda made a similar statement 8 years ago about Diamond and Pearl, and yet Game Freak only released Drill Dozer in the following year (2005). But these days they don't tell us about their projects more than a year before release. Also, that article actually hinted that Diamond and Pearl wouldn't be released in 2005 since Tsunekazu Ishihara emphasized other things.
    Unfortunately, I think they'll opt to release such a game for the Wii U merely because they probably won't want the main series to look bad in comparison to another 3DS battle-oriented game.

    One of my qualms with the current generation is the lack of a Wii game with battle elements (preferably an RPG). But had they released a PBR-like game, I wouldn't have cared.
    Yes, it was announced on the official website. So were HGSS, and even in B2W2's case the website was updated right after the Smash show.

    Those question marks were in reference to Zorua and Zoroark, and they first surfaced in early January (the Pokémon Sunday announcement mentioned in the article was actually about Guardian Signs). I can't look forward to a bunch of question marks that won't reveal anything, though.
    Yamamoto's comments make me lower my expectations, as they seem to imply something battle-related (he even mentions Battle Revolution for whatever reason) and the January 6th episode will feature some tournament.
    I asked her to tweet him about it.

    January 13th would be a good timing for an announcement, but I'm just worried that CoroCoro will announce a spin-off game instead. Would a nearly simultaneous announcement work? Only if the games had a special connection, I would think.
    I don't need to ask Sunyshore about the translation (the dictionary seals the deal for me), but it wouldn't hurt to ask for her opinion on whether or not we should suspect anything big.
    The relevant word was also used here here in reference to Masuda and Shokotan recording a Smash show together back in March. I have no doubt now that the word 収録 does mean record. But that article also reveals that the first B2W2 walkthrough (broadcast on April 14th) was recorded more than a month in advance (March 6th). So we may have to wait until January 13th (whose summary will be posted this Friday) until we see Masuda on Smash.
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