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  • Infoseek translates it as "collecting" rather than "recording", but I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I'll ask Sunyshore.
    Okay. That makes more sense, but for some reason Dreamspace was under the impression that the tweet had been deleted.
    That tweet doesn't mention a recording. It's about a dinner of some kind, although Smash's cast member Yamamoto Peroshi was also there for some reason.
    How laughable. Some fans are really desperate for the franchise to remain forever attached to Unova.

    I think that Masuda deleted his tweet about the Smash appearance, which is certainly suspicious. The Smash summaries don't mention him, but then they didn't say he would appear back in February, either. Maybe he realized that he was supposed to keep the announcement a secret.
    The question was specifically phrased about the mainline series, so I don't think they're referring to Mystery Dungeon. But they basically just ruled out remakes.
    It seems that the short title doesn't actually hint at anything new, but that's beside the point. After all, the movie title doesn't hint at anything, but I'm certain that will change.
    No report yet, and it's 4:37 PM in Japan. He obviously didn't say anything interesting.

    I assume that the booth will be open on both days, but I am not expecting anything considering that they aren't hyping the event at all. At this point, maybe the announcement will be an exact repeat of what happened three years ago. I suspect that they want to reveal another spin-off game a few weeks before the big news. Sadly, I don't think that Jump Festa will even reveal that.
    I remembered the date of the Q&A session wrong. It's the 16th, at 11AM and at 14PM JST (there are two meetings). So we should have a report about the event in 24 hours, but don't hold your breath.
    This Japanese fansite is a good news source. But chances are that Masuda will tweet about anything important.
    Two Genesect in the same movie? While that might be good news to those who want the movie to be linked to the show, it's still ridiculous.

    At this point, I really don't want to see Genesect's ancient form. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it weren't for the faster version, but three Genesect would be overkill. Of course, I doubt that the shiny Genesect will have any real relevance to the games.

    This is interesting. The color is closest to the one associated with Flying, but the glittering stars hint at something else. This also implies that there will only be one new Eeveelution, which raises the likelihood of a new type.
    Yep. When I could only see Eevee I thought it might join the anime cast, but since the other Eeveelutions will be featured, that doesn't have to be the case. Which is actually good, because I'd rather just see a new Eeveelution in the short rather than wait for someone's Eevee to evolve.
    So Jump Festa isn't slated to include a surprise. Last year TPC did hint at a game announcement. :-/
    Well, the Mewtwo promotion in 2011 ended up being about the TCG more than anything else. Darkrai's most recent distribution in the US was also related to the TCG.

    I wonder if Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Manaphy will be distributed to the Generation V games. Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus and now Deoxys have been covered.
    All the merchandise that we know of is supposed to be related to the show rather than the movie.

    So Genesect will appear in the movie, after all. I still maintain that it won't just be alluded to on the show, and that N will be the only Team Plasma character in the movie. It could work well enough.
    Wow. It seems that Ash won't even get to battle Virgil, and even if he did, it would be a terribly rushed battle. Best Wishes is a badly written series and I feel silly for expecting the writers to do something interesting with Eevee.

    I don't know how good Episode N will be, but it will be a shame if they go back to the badge quest in the Generation VI series. It is clear that Ash's goal is going nowhere, so he may as well have a sudden change of heart and abandon his original dream, but that seems too good to be true (and I'd rather just see him replaced).
    Apparently, Smash is recorded once a month in a batch of four episodes. It is possible that Masuda will actually appear on December 30th or even earlier.

    I think it's possible that CoroCoro will reveal the next spin-off game next week, leaving Jump Festa and/or Smash to reveal Generation VI later this month. After all, Ranger 3 being revealed in January 2010 didn't interfere with the Generation V announcement just two weeks later. This time, the spin-off game may actually be tied to the next generation, although I hope it won't be another Ranger game.
    The first mention of Generation V was made in late January, so this wouldn't be the same thing. Marketing-wise, there is no major difference between announcing Generation VI at Jump Festa and doing it two weeks later on Smash. But if CoroCoro doesn't reveal a new spin-off game, I suppose Jump Festa will. If Genesect isn't featured in Movie 16, the spin-off game will more or less have to be used for the movie promotion as was the case for Ranger in 2006, unless they use a random old event Pokémon.
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