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  • Just finished watching the episode. I thought it was okay, but I'm so annoyed that yet another Lucario knows Aura Sphere. I liked the diversity of Korrina's Lucario's moves and now once again they pull out the apparently obligatory Aura Sphere.
    That would be funny, but I think Bonnie knows that Ash is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Unlike Clemont.
    Yeah, that was funny. I like all the different emotions she showed. I thought she was really entertaining today.
    I one that aired yesterday? I really liked it. I loved the teamwork between the group and how they all worked together to catch the poacher. Though I personally would have rathered that Serena be the main focus and bond with the Spewpa instead of Ash and then end up catching it, I was fine with it overall.

    What about you?
    The Japanese one that aired yesterday? I didn't much care for it. I actually have yet to watch a video of it. I've only seen the pictures.
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