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  • It's "Gary-stu" not "Gray-stu", unless you're referencing "50 Shades of Gray" XD

    No, I don't think Trip is a Gary-stu, to be honest I don't like the term "Gary/Mary-stu/sue". The term has been whored out by everyone and their grandmother and its basically gained a negative connotation to mean "character who I don't like" and only seems to service in fanfiction, anime, manga, cartoons, etc. in a way to piss off or incite rage from fans of the character who its aimed at in an attempt to try to factually make out said character as the absolute low life of a character ever, I should know, I go to Tumblr and Henshin Justice often. That being said, I don't believe in Sue/Stu as a term.

    Sorry about the Sue/Stu tirade. XD Anyway, Trip doesn't come off as a "Gary-Stu"(cringes) at all to me. I don't give a shit how much people despise him, I prefer Paul too but Trip doesn't come off as a stu to me. He's shown to have developed from a nice young kid to a bit of a douchey know-it-all-know-nothing-type guy and he developed again after learning a powerful lesson from Alder. He lost to Bianca and Cilan rather easily too and hasn't been made-out to be absolutely strong in the same way as Paul was who would beat, somewhat emotionally scar, or demean Ash or his Pokemon easily quite often. Trip also trains his Pokemon everyday according to the episode where Ash and him have their third battle, it's not like its justified and he does use strategy. From an unbiased point-of-view, Trip just doesn't seem like a stu. Serperior are natural speed demons so Pignite not landing a hit seemed okay to me.
    Hm....that battle in specific is unpredictable. I'm hoping for an amazing battle between Excadrill, Dragonite, Druddigon, and Haxorus. It surely will be something epic, I'm still clinging to the possibility of Iris' Axew evolving at some point because I feel like he should play a role in a battle against Drayden since I don't think the writers are chipper on having Axew face-off against Flygon, Altaria, Haxorus, or Druddigon at his current small size. Meh, I digress. Anyway, for the battle I'm hoping for some true blood battling in a way, some hardcore showdown between the powerhouses that be.

    Druddigon seems to have Dragonite hopelessly confused in battle using Double Team, I'm wondering if Dragonite is listening to what Iris says though. He's using Thunder Punch of all moves against Druddigon which is weird since he has Dragon Rush and Ice Beam, I'm assuming it's the whole "doesn't use super effective moves against opponents" thing going on. Not to mention I'd like it if Rough Skin came into play. Excadrill and Iris have a clear bond now and learned Focus Blast with the intent of having a long-ranged move and such, I'd be ecstatic if Excadrill tied/won against Haxorus if Dragonite's behavior is his ultimate downfall against Druddigon. Haxorus using Giga Impact is cool, I hope Axew is impressed by this. I'd love to see Giga Impact permanently stick to Axew's move set since Outrage seems to have gotten the retcon treatment after what Cilan said in the Cynthia BW debut episode.
    I don't mind Ash beating Trip, the main character beating the rival of their Gen at the big tournament is usually expected, except Dawn losing to Zoey since it was obvious from the start Dawn would never surpass that rival which made it hard for me to care about the rivalry. I wasn't too surprised Trip was outmatched by Ash, like I said it was expected. I'm really hoping for a good battle since the drawing, coloring, and quality of the episode from the summary picture looks vivid and nice, fitting for a league battle.

    As for the future matches in the league, my prediction for Bianca is:

    Ash facing off against Biance if it's three-on-three.

    [Escavalier] VS. [Boldore][Escavalier is recalled]
    [Boldore] VS. [Min/Cin(cinno)][Min/Cin(cinno]
    [Min/Cin(cinno)] VS. [Scraggy][Scraggy]
    [Scraggy] VS. [Escavalier][Escavalier]
    [Krookodile] VS. [Escavalier][Krookodile]
    [Krookodile] VS. [Emboar][Krookodile]

    If six-on-six.

    [Min/Cin(cinno)] VS. [Palpitoad][Palpitoad wins and is returned.]
    [Azumarill] VS. [Snivy][Snivy]
    [Snivy] VS. [Ampharos][Ash keeps Snivy in because Grass-types are good at sponging Electric moves, Ampharos wins however.]
    [Palpitoad] VS. [Ampharos][Ampharos]
    [Oshawott] VS. [Ampharos][Oshawott due to his scalchop and is recalled.]
    [Escavalier] VS. [Pikachu][Escavalier and is recalled]
    [Musharna] VS. [Leavanny][Leavanny]
    [Escavalier] VS. [Oshawott][Oshawott]
    [Oshawott] VS. [Emboar][Emboar]
    [Krookodile] VS. [Emboar][Krookodile]

    Ideally I want Osha or Krookodile beating Emboar.
    Indeed, Trip does lose. It looks like Serperior's Dragon Tail is giving Pikachu the most problems given its longer shape and most likely stronger stature, though it looks like the decisive move by Ash and Pikachu is a combination of Electro Ball and Iron Tail. I originally thought Pikachu would win due to Static activating and stopping that agile Serperior in its tracks.
    Somewhat surprised and wondering what the writers were going for, I predicted it to be the first battle. I'm wondering what's in store after the league with that guy.
    It wasn't super exciting, but it was a good episode. It's very dialogue heavy for the first half, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it more subbed. Loved the final scene with all of Iris' Pokemon.
    Indeed, Ash, Cilan, and Iris all looked good dressed as girly girl. Yes, I do follow Power Rangers Samurai. I'm a bit miffed at how long they're dragging this show out.
    Hum? Oh, yes it was a good episode. Snivy and Emolga getting wins, Iris' behavior, Maya and her girls, as well as Pikachu crossdressing were the highlights for me. ^^
    I quite liked it. I have a really limited knowledge of Japanese so most of it I didn't understand but the Sakaki scenes were cool and I liked that all of the main cast fought with their Pokémon. What did you think?
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