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Recent content by P_S_B

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    PREVIEW: M22: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

    But what if you like to collect physical media to stick on a shelf?
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    What would a Sun & Moon movie have been like?

    The Necrozma episodes were basically Sun and Moon's movie. 5 episodes, about 110 minutes, roughly movie length. The appearance of the Mother and Daughter in the final episode of it suggests that the producers were treating it as such. To be honest I would have preferred we have that as the movie...
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    PREVIEW: M22: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

    It would be nice if it was released in the west, but if they're going to skip any movie this is definitely the one whose absence would hurt the least.
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    SPOILERS Gen8 fossil discussion thread

    If we did get Diamond and Pearl remakes this generation they could allow players to trade or transfer Pokémon holding the fossils to those games and allow the fossil restoration guy in Oreburgh to restore them correctly.
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    SPOILERS Gen8 fossil discussion thread

    Fossilized Bird creates a Raptor head - matching the sprite Fossilized Dino creates a marine animal lower body - matching the sprite Fossilized Fish creates a Dunkleosteus head - doesn't match the sprite but pretty clearly matches the sprite for Drake Fossilized Drake creates a Stegosaurid tail...
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    What are your game headcanons?

    The fossil Pokédex entries are written by Cara Liss herself, and since she knows nothing about them she makes up stuff based on what she thinks should be right, therefore talk of them suffering is innaccurate and they don't suffer at all. I'm not even sure it isn't actual canon given that they...
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    REVIEW: SS001: Pikachu is Born!

    I enjoyed the scene where Pichu decided to leave the Kangaskan, but the rest of the Pichu scenes weren't particularly exciting. Cute, but nothing more. The fact that we didn't see anything that should have been the first boxes on a checklist for a Pikachu Backstory irritated me more than it...
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    Best Pokemon Movie(s)?

    Top 5 in order of preference: The Power of Us - balances its characters well and Zeraora serves something of a purpose instead of existing just because, the dub is also particularly good by modern dub standards with Sarah Natochenny putting in her best showing as Ash since probably the Victini...
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    Sun and Moon: Missed Opportunities

    The lack of a post-series special where Kiawe and maybe Sophicles met Clemont and Bonnie, preferably at Kiawe's farm so Bonnie and Mimo could meet as well. Of course this was the fault of whichever misguided television executive decided that talking-head clipshows were a better idea than the...
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    NEWS: The Official Pokemon Company Makes a Contemplation of Ash's League Loses

    If I'm honest that article is genuinely funny, but only in a 'so bad it's good' kind of funny and certainly not the kind they were going for.
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    REVIEW: SM146: Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!

    Much better than last week, but still not perfect. I am however very happy with the final montage since I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. It was certainly a shame that Shaymin didn't get a full scene to leave, but since it didn't really do anything other than exist since its arrival a...
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    Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon -- Ultra Legends Dub Episode Title Discussion

    A good title, just a shame it's attached to one of the single worst episodes of the last nearly 23 years.
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    Top 5 Best & Worst Episodes of Sun & Moon (Now With Added Alola)

    I haven't kept up with all the titles and can't be bothered looking them all up, so I'll use descriptions for the ones I don't know. Best - top 1 at the top with the others in no particular order: SM108 - Memories in the Mist SM021 - Stoutland's death SM043 - two actual good battles including...
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    REVIEW: SM145: The Sun, the Moon, and Everyone's Dreams!

    Budget and stock footage. The episode was already poorly animated with a number of off-model shots littered throughout. The battle served no real purpose other than a chance to reuse animtion. They didn't need to have a Z-Move-off for Olivia to put the idea in Ash's head. As for the episode I...
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    Weakest Pokemon movie?

    I maintain that the worst film is Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea - Manaphy because it's long, boring and the climax is nonsensical. It still has redeeming qualities like the scenes involving May and Manaphy however. Hoopa on the other hand would be even worse were it not mercifully...