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Recent content by P_S_B

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    Review JN065: Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    Maybe not fired, but their influence needs to be lessened. This series does seem to have some mandates that actively detract from the show, including that. The episodic thing is even worse because that's how we get stuff like Iris's Dragonite and Dracovish getting KO'd 20 seconds into their...
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    Review JN065: Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    I"m starting to suspect that Go getting captures in all the region hopping episodes is an executive mandate. Some of these executives need to be fired.
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    Preview JN066: White Flower Flabebe

    Every time Koharu gets some episodes I hope she'll become a regular only for her to disappear completely again for another month or two. It's getting tiresome.
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    Make the best episode ever

    To call it the best episode ever would probably be a stretch, but I would like to see one where Goh encounters a random Pokemon in the street and instinctively chucks a ball at it, catches it instantly and goes on his way. After he leaves it turns out that it was actually a little girl's pet...
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    Reunion of the Past, Present, and Future!? VS Kairyu!! (Fake)

    Iris and probably more Dracovish, huh? OK, you've caught my interest. Might have to watch this one.
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    Preview JN063: Challenge! Pokémon Marine Athletics!!

    I'm pretty sure the fossil Pokedex entries are written by Cara herself since they read as though the creature described actually existed in prehistoric times which it obviously didn't.
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    Review JN059: The Lost Sarunori! Who is the Trainer!?

    Poipole isn't from Journeys. Ash's Pokemon getting neglected by the show wasn't an issue in Poipole's day.
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    Review JN059: The Lost Sarunori! Who is the Trainer!?

    Because if it went to Ash it would appear even less than it did in the episodes before this one because it's not named Pikachu. While many of Gou's Pokemon have the same problem his other Galar starters at least appear regularly.
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    What is your favorite Sun & Moon episode?

    SM108 is probably objectively the best one. The only thing wrong with it was the random Shaymin tacked on at the end and the fact that we hadn't been given any hints at all that Mallow had a haunted past involving her mother, which was a fault of the series leading up to it rather than the...
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    Preview M23: Secrets of the Jungle

    Maybe Yajima likes Phil Collins.
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    When Did you start watching pokemon

    1998. Abra and the Psychic Showdown was the first episode I saw in full, but my first memory of the show is seeing Brock on his hands and knees on a beach, presumably lamenting bikini season being over. I didn't see the rest of that episode since I turned it off to get ready for school. One of...
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    Your Top 10 Worst Pokémon Anime Episodes (of all time)

    In no particular order: JN006 - Goh playing Pokemon Go for 22 minutes full of first-ball-catches, infuriating to watch for anyone who's catch luck is bad EP079 - To make the League finale episode be almost nothing but Team Rocket filler garbage with the battle itself being relegated to the last...
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    Review JN057: Love is Koduck

    Now I've seen it subbed I can give my thoughts on it. I can totally appreciate that it won't be for everyone because you really do need to be interested in Koharu and/or Kikuna to get much if anything out of it. Fortunately I am, so I really enjoyed it, but I do understand why some found it...
  14. P

    Review JN057: Love is Koduck

    I enjoyed it myself, but yeah, if you're not interested in Koharu or Kikuna I can see it being pretty dull. I'll come back with an actual review when there are subs since it was pretty dialogue-heavy, but as it was I liked what I saw and got a laugh out of the ending.
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    Preview JN057: Love is Koduck

    I just hope that they don't waste too much of the runtime on Ash and Goh. I'm here for Kikuna and Koharu, I can see Ash and Goh in any episode, whereas Kinuna generally gets little screentime.