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  • Long time without greeting you!! How you been?
    I was looking back at our old conversation! Still love Glaceon? -
    mine hangs out with the rest of the Eeveelution plushies, they are just above my PokeFoxes.
    That Pachy avatar is so cute. I had to go and pet my own Pachy plush.
    I appreciate the compliment, though there's really no way to gauge who the best mod is. XD And even if there was, I doubt it would be me. But thank you for the kind words anyway~
    I posted in it. I think I did it right, if not, just tell me here or in the thread.
    I think the idea is fine. Maybe it will still pick up. :) If it doesn't work for a few days, maybe I can help rewrite the OP to make it more appealing to people.
    I don't think there are any actual problems with it, but I think the complexity of it is a bit daunting for people. Some games just don't catch on very quickly for whatever reason or don't take off at all. :/

    Thank you for contributing to the section though! We're always happy to see new ideas for games!
    Yeah, I've noticed... Anyway, it may be because (to me at least) it feels like a ripoff of this game... But that's just me.
    Sorry for the wait, I'm terrible about procrastinating on this. x_x

    Before I let people in, I like to ask a couple of questions to make sure they're in the right mindset for it.

    1. Why are you interested in joining The Wash?

    2. Would you be active and regularly participate in conversation?
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