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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Is there any kind of defined order which items should appear in on location articles? Most seem like they are just listed without any kind of ordering. I would think ordering by version from earliest to most recent would make the most sense. Then you can find all the items for a particular...
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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    1983, kids. ;) I worked at Toys R Us in 1999 during the first ever Mew giveaway. That was when we manually connected to their gameboys and had to trade Mew in. We had a cart that was full of Mew. I just might have transferred many to my own game...
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    Tsutaaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru articles messed up?

    I would think that editing articles related to black and white will be pretty restricted until after they are released later this year. Too many folks tend to go overboard with edits/media etc. Everything will get fixed up as it gets more confirmation.
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    Bulbagarden Archives Locked?

    I would think there would be an announcement somewhere on the main page or on the archives page. Either that or just check back in a day or so.
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Re: Official Bulbapedia suggestion/idea/problem thread Somebody needs to break out the banhammer, zorua style.
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    Bulbapedia Simple Question Thread

    Is there an article somewhere that documents all of the various trading rules for the games? For example: 1. Fire Red can trade with Sapphire after getting National Dex. 2. Fire Red can trade with Leaf Green after getting Pokedex.
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    Another new template revamp!

    My vote is for 2, with 2a a close second. I think the 1's look a little too crunched, even though I know everything is pressed for length as it is.
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    Ice types can be frozen in gen I?

    ...but only in generation 2 and beyond. Tri Attack does not freeze in generation 1.
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    TTE's official template revamp thread

    Haha, just after I documented the existing trainer list templates! Oh well. Collapse or no-collapse, I'm thinking that there are an awful lot of trainers which carry only 1 or 2 pokemon. That means a whole lot of empty blue cells, especially on the early routes of each game. Probably would...
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    Bulbapedia Simple Question Thread

    Here's another question similar to my last... Should the {{shop}} template be used in place of the {{mart}} template? Seems like shop is newer, but wanted to be sure there aren't specific rules for using each.
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    Bulbapedia Simple Question Thread

    I actually have most of the rematch data, it just needs to be entered. I started collecting thinking I would make a database and then release it for free. I actually even have parked, but I've kinda lost interest in what it would take to complete the whole project...
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    Ice types can be frozen in gen I?

    I'm going off memory, but I think in Gen 1 the pokemon do not auto-thaw after a set number of turns. I can't remember if you could use a full heal to restore or not.
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    Bulbapedia Simple Question Thread

    Well, I'm not really sure what you mean by "squarey templates". The main reason I ask is because I'm looking to contribute to articles related to the neglected Orre region. Any response to my first question? If I want to add some trainer data to an article should I just {{Party}} or...
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    Bulbapedia Simple Question Thread

    Hey all, I have a few questions... Is there any sort of policy or standard regarding templates used to display trainer data? I noted that both the trainerentry/trainerheader templates are used as well as the Party template. In the future, would trainer rematch data be included on location...