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  • k, I just got on wifi the same time you did

    I'm gonna go work on catching that female HA Frogadier for you right now ...I'll let you know when I caught one :)
    hey there,

    I just logged in a read your pm's......we need to be on wifi at the same time (that's the only way your FS will have pokes with their HA)

    It really doesn't matter to me what I get in return ...happy to help :)
    ok, that makes it easy ...we're in the same time zone

    I'm usually here every evening til late night. I'll also make sure to sign in on the site a couple hours early for the next few days and that should make things easier
    ok, no problem :)

    we'll just need to figure out a time when we'll both be on wifi so I'll be able to catch you a female Frogadier with it's HA for you.

    I'm US EST (I live in Maine).....what time zone are you in?......what's the most convenient time for you?
    i managed to find a frogadier safari,days ago
    thanks for wanting to add me, though!!!
    I'll catch you a female HA Frogadier from your safari :)

    I'll do it for free because I've been looking for someone who has a Frogadier safari.

    I added you a little while ago....My FC is 5026 - 4731 - 1364......IGN: RiceCakes

    What type of ball would you like her caught in?
    hi !!
    i have a psychic type safari with abra,espurr and girafarig
    my fc 4270-2482-7129 ign steve
    would you be interested to add me?
    Hey, can you add me, please. I added you. I don't know my Safari Type, though. FC is 2122-7177-7742
    Would you like my Friend Code? I do not have a Ditto Safari, but I'm curious as to what your safari contains. 4554-0298-0399.
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