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  • I really need to actually write out real about me for my profile but I'm lazy and don't know what to say about myself besides "here's my name, here's my pronouns and what I like"

    Man, if it were 2018, I'd be able to write like seventeen paragraphs about myself. I can no longer think of what to say about myself other than that I'm a person and I like this and that, lol.
    ....You can't go back to a past name? >__> I'd PM an admin if you ever wanna go back to Palamon.

    buuuuut actually its up to you -w-
    Hey Pala. :p

    Lol, it really should be higher for the amount of time I spent here. I actually don't know how it got so high, considering I hang around Fun & Games...If those posts counted I'd probably have 10,000+.

    You're the posting queen, whatcha doin' askin' me for help? xD
    WOW your font color

    i can't see the text because of the pink background
    Tomorrow actually, today however is my Bulbaversery though, the day I joined over here. Ive been here for 3 years.
    That really is a cool origin! By aime section you mean the Pokemon Anime section right? Cause we also have one for just Japanese culture l, mostly aniem and manga. I go too both pretty often too.
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