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  • I have a Team Rocket Card, this one which I will be putting on eBay shortly along with some of the ones from my trade thread. I'll let you know if I get any new cards. I'm going to a carboot this weekend so hopefully there will be some ex-collectors there.
    Hey, I just opened a Blue Assault theme deck and have cards to trade from that. Also, I have a base set card. Do you need any base set cards?
    Hey I posted in your card thread. I really need a rare pokemon card. Can you accept at least one of my trades please? :)
    oh, i figured that i might as well put it there... its worth a shot, maybe someone on here might have comee across one somewhere without knowing its value... i forgot it was there, i havent changed my sig in about 6 months
    You realize the Base Set Prerelease Raichu is literally the holy grail of Pokemon cards, right? There are only a few in the world, no one knows who has them, they never surface, and they're worth more than a new car. :x
    Before I Sent the cards, he secretly opened up the thing and got the cards and replaced it with fakes. Sometimes I think he plans these things......and yes, I have most of your wants (though I dont have any EX's for trade besides Magmar who is now lost). I will contact you when I see something you have thats a big want for me
    Listen my IDIOTIC COUSIN opened up the mail and took the cards, my cards are now lost, and they were never sent. Please I am so so so so so so so so so sorry, but I punished my cousin for his evil doing. I know others are waiting for the cards, and they deserve them more that me. I just have this bad luck, but in the future if we ever trade again, I will 100% posotive I will be doing them. If you own a DS and a Game, please go to my shop and as for anything you want for free, if not, then in the future if we trade I will give you Double the price of the cards I want, Lets say I want 2 rares, you get 3 EXs (Example). Again Sorry for your time, and my life has been going around crazy, in School and everything. I am sorry for the trouble and it will never happen again.
    Cards Sent. I added some Cards from your want list. Which Cards? A surprise! The 2 Longest EX Series Lists were the ones I Got Booster Boxes of! They should Arrive by 10-14 days. Enjoy the Cards!
    I made it too confusing.....my Laptop got cut off randomly, and the guy at the Post Office or something had January A Vacation (Most of it) and some of this month. And The EX Sets are probably my Overloads in my Box of Cards, so it wont be a thing I will say no to! And Thanks for keeping the Darks :)
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