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  • Meh I think it looks cool

    A few Mons that I like that didn't make the sig include feraligatr, greninja, aegislash, exploud, beautifly, huntail, meowstic, mantine, mega banette, pangoro, victreebel, and a few others. Tbh exploud in particular really should have been in the hoenn list. Oh well.
    mega glalie is cool, don't like it a lot personally tho

    I don't like that many pokemon, what you see in my sig is practically the extent of pokemon I actually (significantly) like. Bar rhyperior, rhyperior is basically filler cause I don't like many sinnoh mons lulz.
    that defense tho. It doesn't need to resist physical hits to take very little damage from them, and unlike steelix, it has this magical little thing called actual recovery. I'm not saying it's gr8, just not terrible. Is a defensive ice type, is hard for it to be anyfin better than "eh". Would love ice types to excel defensively, but with the current type matchups and movepool issues, it is not really possible, even if many of them have solid bulk.

    I quite like how avalugg looks in some fanart and its sugimori art, but its in game model weirds me out for some reason. It's currently my favorite ice type, but it likely won't remain in that position cause of its awkward model.
    use discharge and sludge bomb
    are serperior

    mine has discharge, earth power, scald, and thunder. Thunder is the newest experiment in the fourth slot, the previous two being foul play and sludge bomb, both of which I wasn't huge on. Is a shame fisk doesn't get nuzzle, is far more nuzzly and cuddly than trash like dedenne.

    avalugg is underrated imo, is a decent check/counter to many physical attackers. Spins too. I intend to breed one myself soon.

    tbh you should have just death foddered umbreon into mawile, it was 92% useless at that point anyway.
    was considering toying with you a bit longer before mauling you with omastar, but the poor mollusk hasn't been seeing his fair share of action, so I let him have a field day with it.

    Assaultfisk? Dude, that's literally like my favorite stunfisk set. What moves does it have?

    that was hilariously close lol. This is why I much prefer to use mega sharpedo.

    yes, I'd say you got lucky (fucking tyrantrum) but I'd rather not whine about hax like the scrubs on showdown. I loathe when it happens, but we all have our lucky days.

    am getting ready for battle three
    in particular, I am really embarrassed about letting you sucker punch my starmie like that. I mean, really, I don't know how I overlooked that. Sss, gamefreak....

    I noticed lol. Mega Mawile is a bloody demon, I really didn't have a good way to deal with it. My teams -- for the most part -- consist 100% of pokemon that I like, which, unfortunately, does not include many ou pokemon. Being a karenist is difficult business.

    am ready whenever
    wow, I played really bad. I blame kalos rules. After having my favorite mons turned down so many times, I'm actually angry whenever I encounter it, while probably makes me a bit irrational. Oh, I'm not mad at you, leo. It is Gamefreak, I am getting tired of kalos rules and their shit in general, they have absolutely no excuse for not patching the oras megas into xy. It is total apeshit.

    will get ready for the second battle
    well, this is a letdown, my three favorite megas are oras exclusive

    gamefreak fucking sucks
    kalos rules
    hang on, let me get rid of mega sableye, bah. You don't have the mons in oras, I assume?

    I'll be waiting online, if you can't see me let me know, I recall trading before so I figure we have each other added, but what do I know
    neat. I think I already have you added, not 100% sure. Best 2/3 sound cool? I'll be using different mons each time if that is acceptable.
    upon being reminded of your existence, I remember you being a half decent pokemon battler, or somefin along those lines. And I want people to battle. So, yeah. Fite me.
    "We are but men" eh? I was going to quote the rest of that part of the song, but that would be too weird.
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