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  • Yes, that's still something that I'd be interested in, if it's no problem, that would be great. Thanks! ^_^
    That's cool, congrats in advance! Undulate is an interesting word. I never really made it a point to avoid it, but I've never really had any desire to use it either. I wanted to throw out "astronomically superfluous" because it is not a phrase that most people expect to hear. When I worked as a cashier back in the day, I sometimes liked to break up the monotony by saying "have a good day" in interesting ways.
    It's really not super exciting I guess, I just felt like being articulate and enthusiastic. It is pretty good, sitting home with a cold enjoying the snow. Nothing super special going on, but nothing really bad either. I can't complain. How about you?
    Yeah well Ive only ever had one job. Plus, although I volunteer, there's no place to talk about it on most applications. Also from what I understand its not appealing to employers when they see you're not currently employed and Ive been out of work for over 3 years :l I really think that is what is also making it so hard for me to find work. I dont know what to really do.
    Im alright, cant complain too much I guess, though Id like a job. Cant seem to find anyone hiring :l Other than that nothing eventful.
    Hmmm...Pikachu and Fennekin? In reference to the anime, where Serena (Fennekin's owner) has a crush on Ash.
    I see. o.o Well, I should be fine. Whimsicott isn't the kind of 'Mon I'd use, anyway ^^; Not too big on using annoyers. Thanks for the offer though :D
    Oh well, we're all silly. :3

    Hmm ... I haven't tried Whimsicott yet. xD Then again, I don't have one in XY yet, either.
    Oh, speaking of Cinccino, I uploaded a vid to my YT account. :D I have a link to my account in my profile here. ^^
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