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  • Sure, Lugia is my fav pokemon so i can wait. But can this person clone a real one, or not. if this person can't thats stil fine.
    Rex does love Quilava and he is probably the best person to get one from too.

    I have quite a few Pokemon that have with different Trainer Numbers. Just a couple of them that I can find really quick are Kakuna, Hoothoot, Venonat, Porygon, Kangaskhan, Bellsprout, Wooper, Machop, and Nidoran♀. I have probably about another 30 or so Pokemon from other people in addition to that.

    I don't know if you got my PM or not, but I would really like to trade you for and XD Lugia and a Colosseum Jirachi. If you want a complete list or more information I can PM you one as it would be too big to put here.

    Ugh, sorry for not getting this immediately. Unfortunately this week is about to get a little ridiculous in terms of access (my mom's coming into town; access is from when I visit my fiance's place...yeah.) And worse, 4 PM EST is almost always a class time for me! Would you be able to do 7 PM this coming Monday?
    well, ill be on tonight for a bit so if you know you'll be on tonight just drop a messege, i check my messages quite often.
    But, yes I can trade you tommorrow at 4pm EST if thats a better time for you :)
    sounds great, ill get the pokes ready for tonite? i am EST time. if your on tonight ill send you msg :3
    Yeah, I knew it couldn't possibly be that easy.
    All I got is Latios/Latias and a Giratina that I'm in the process of acquiring. I understand if you don't want to give up a Darkrai for it though.
    :eek: Oh, LOL.. fun how I just bumped into one of your posts and realized you're the one on my Twitter ^^ Hi!
    I have no clue. All I know is that this avatar belonged to BeachBoy until I stole it and resized it.
    Sup, Deviruchi/Superfairy/CastTrainer?

    And yes. I know I spelled the first and the last username incorrectly. No need to lecture.
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