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  • Eh, did you defriend me recently? Or did I just never remove you from contacts after the last time...?
    Added! Mine's 2578-3397-5624.

    Oh that game is pretty good. Though I wouldn't rank it among my favourites x)
    Oh cool, what games do you have for it? Also wanna swap friend codes? :3

    Hmm, might try one for the ds, since I have a flashcart for that.
    Oh too bad, I personally love the 3D games. I like the 2D games as well though. Do you think you'll buy a 3DS for XY's release? Or do you already have one?

    Sounds interesting. Though I'd guess you'd have to be familliar with the anime for it be enjoyable, right?
    Well it's someting at least. x) Would you say you prefer the 2D games or the 3D games (like 64 and galaxy)? Never played any Naruto games myself. What are they like?
    Hello. This is Pokemon Bishounen Mafia. A player has requested to be subbed out. I would greatly appreciate it if you could replace him. Please let me know asap. Thank you.
    Aw, that's too bad. I looked the name up, looks like that user never even posted or came online ever again after signing up :/
    Ah good ^^

    Gotta say I like your new username, though the diamonds might make it a bit hard to mention you in mafia games :p
    Hey Sourcandy I'd like to say sorry for trying so hard to get you modkilled in lion king mafia, that was kind of a low blow ^^"

    I actually can't believe the mafia ended up winning in the end, but I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth on that one :p
    Sour when she kills you in mafia, sweet otherwise ;3

    Hmm, didn't hear of that candy specifically, but they look like they'd taste similar to sour gummy worms, which are awesome. I love sour candy. Or anything sour for that matter x)
    Haha, that never even occured to me. Care to elaborate? Like are you both, or first one and then the other? :p
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