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  • Hahaha. My avatar and signature character is Kajika from Pop'n Music. It's a Japanese-only rhythm game with nine different buttons to hit. It's challenging but fun. :3
    [sub]but mine are better :v[/sub]

    any new games/shows/series/whathaveyou that have captured your interest?
    I have; it did not agree with me. :x
    fuck now I want one. should try making some at home one of these frigid days. (it hasn't been too bad relatively speaking but next week looks horrible T_T)
    i'll take 20

    EW PARMA WHY WOULD YOU MAKE SUCH A HORRIBLE MONSTROSITY (maybe if you were making hot chocolate or chai tea :v)

    Not in the least, lol. I'll spend the next month writing "2014" in for dates.
    Regardless, I wish you a happy new year! :bounce:


    [sub][sub]or maybe you're lucky enough to be somewhere warm this time of year[/sub][/sub]
    [sub][sub][sub][sub]send a search and rescue team my way pls[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]

    Yeah, I've been it for a couple of months now. Don't see you around much anymore, I hope everything's going well for you!
    I haven't the foggiest idea of what you mean by that comment.
    [sub][sup][sub][sup]Sssh Parma don't be a spoilsport and blow my cover.[/sup][/sub][/sup][/sub]
    OH. Well, I like Need for Speed, but I haven't played it in a while. I like Mass Effect as well ... and recently I got Borderlands 2, which is pretty awesome.

    As for anime, I haven't watched much of that at all lately.
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