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  • poplers just joined us because sparrow told him to, too. he had a better reason to leave than as did; NO ONE on psypoke likes poplers at all :0

    i posted for the others because it'd be easier than making people read 'HI I'M LEAVING FOREVER.' three times in a row
    i left because sparrow told me to :0

    i was getting really bored of psypoke anyway, and i was sick of being hawked at by the admins for not acting smart and mature (read: like an old hag). but sparrow was stupid and went back anyway.
    nono, #alpha raids #mariowiki. then #mariowiki members think it's #rusrev's fault, because we're all in #rusrev, too, so #mariowiki raids/complains to #rusrev. and then xenon gets rid of them.

    and no, i've never gone to #bmgf. sparrow did, though, and he told me it was really quiet in there. and we finally figured out why #psypoke moved to systemnet...since #psypoke and #bmgf are on the same server now, the admins probably thought any rejects from #bmgf would come to join them instead.
    #rusrev? no, it's kind of like another #alpha. xenon said it was #alpha's rival channel but he got over it. pretty much everyone in #alpha is also in #rusrev, plus a few other people xenon knows

    and okey, night
    everyone takes #alpha seriously when we raid #mariowiki, it's not serebii-exclusive (thankfully)

    although they don't place the blame on #alpha anymore...for some reason, they think #rusrev is behind it all
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