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  • Patchii, I saw that post you put on Valentine's profile. I closed the window too.

    She is right about the other thing though, if you don't know what to say to him, say nothing. I'd just say to him, that if he wants to talk to anyone you are there for him.

    Now get your ass on msn or facebook, I really do want to talk.
    Luv, Jagz.
    closed that window as soon as i saw the title. gaga parodies suck in more ways than one

    if you don't know what to say, don't say anything. especially don't tell him 'idk what to say' because that just makes people mad :x
    Hey, I'm here :)
    I'm on christmas half term so a nice forum will do me good :)
    How have you been? Missed you alot.
    i managed to snag her right after they started clearing names, which was 11 minutes before you said i got her. i'm so happy :D

    deena is important to me because it's the name of my favorite OC (original character) of mine. it's kind of a writer nerd thing, but i've had her for years.

    also, on another note, can i ask you a really big favor? pet and account names are are going to begin being cleared (they won't be cleared all at once, which is the bad part) on subeta tomorrow around noon EST (i think that's around 5 pm your time? but please check in case i'm wrong), and the name i want is a common female name irl so i'm afraid it will be taken before i'm able to get on a computer. the name is so special to me i don't know what i'll do if i miss it.

    the name is deena. a frozen user, mattie, owns her right now, but they've been frozen for long enough that their account should be deleted tomorrow. you'll need to search for deena several, several times, for as long as you can, until that pet doesn't show up anymore. and once (if) it's gone, adopt a pet with that name as fast as you can!

    also, if you can, ask ix and vulps if they can try, too. i don't know what time it will be for vulps, but i know it won't be too late in the night for ix.
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