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  • I'll try to spread the word, but I'm reluctant on making my interest of Paul public on my facebook lol.
    This may sound weird but i never made facebook account. So im not even able to like your page, sorry man.

    p.s. Omg i forgott about your birthday. Sorry, Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one.:)
    Hi Man what's Up, Could I ask you something could look and possibly write a comment on my new thread that I created and just let me know if it is in the wrong spot let me know and someone can fix it move it to the right place because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MOVE A POST PAGE TO A DIFFERENT THREAD Ok.
    I think you pretty much have won - good game
    Pokesav is a computer program like pokegen that makes a PKM file. That is the same file that is sent to you DS when you trade pokemon on the GTS - global trade station. Then you direct your internet connection to tap into a false GTS vs the offical one and the pokemon is sent to your inbox. I have done EV training and I like it, but I am a working dad and this saves a lot of time. They are all perfectly withing legal limits, though you can give it illegal moves if you are dishonest.
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