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Recent content by Paulisthebest

  1. Paulisthebest

    Review JN115: Opening! Masters Tournament!!

    I don't hate Alain. I recall being bitter as heck when he beat Ash in the Kalos finals, but I eventually got over it when I reflected on his Charizard's experience vs. Greninja's. It did feel awful for the writers to bait older fans who walked away from the series years ago to come back due to...
  2. Paulisthebest

    Review JN104: Hyper Class! VS Dracaena of The Big Four!!

    This battle played out as I feared; Ash winning through BS with Pokemon far less experienced and at a type disadvantage rather than a victory to be proud of because it was his FIRST win against an Elite 4 member. He's lost to Elite 4 members in battles way better than this one! I know with Gen 9...
  3. Paulisthebest

    Review JN102: Trial Mission! A Freezing Raid Battle!!

    So, Articuno's moveset was: Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Ice Shard & Triple Axel. Too bad no one brought a certain bug with Wonder Guard :LOL:
  4. Paulisthebest

    Review JN077: Super Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    I agree with you! Looking back, there were a lot of random things Ash pulled in battles during the DP series that went against the games. However, I think the Motor Drive situation in this episode is even worse because we literally see Motor Drive playing a roll earlier in the same battle...
  5. Paulisthebest

    Review JN077: Super Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    It did take some damage from Electroweb... I suppose Lucario taking that barrage of Air Slashes while it was charging up Reversal added more power to it as well. I agree with you that Rotom isn't the bulkiest of Pokemon. However, we know the anime picks and chooses when a Pokemon can take A LOT...
  6. Paulisthebest

    Review JN077: Super Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

    I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think my FAVORITE World Coronation Series battle that Ash competed in was his FIRST one against Visquez. It was a great battle that showed off Gengar's abilities along with giving it a VICTORY! Pikachu using Electroweb as a 'shield' to avoid...
  7. Paulisthebest

    Review JN068: A Rival for Go!? The Road to Mew!!

    After rewatching the Moltres battle (for like the 7th time at this point), you realize just how pathetic Zapdos looked when it got pushed back by Raboot (with a little help from Flygon but mostly aerial assistance) considering Moltres was on the verge of taking out Cinderace (saved by Pikachu &...
  8. Paulisthebest

    Review JN068: A Rival for Go!? The Road to Mew!!

    Blastoise was the MVP of the Moltres battle IMO. Despite the loss, it was doing a pretty solid job and Gary using VERY good strategies! I'm not disappointed, but surprised he doesn't have the Mega Stone for it. Who knows maybe it can Gigantamax. I know it was Infernape's desire to battle the...
  9. Paulisthebest

    Review JN068: A Rival for Go!? The Road to Mew!!

    Would've been a sight to see Infernape use Blaze during that battle against the legendary rubber chicken. Not thinking it would've faired much better, but Ash-Greninja took out a 4x resistant Mega Sceptile with a water move so HAHA
  10. Paulisthebest

    Review JN065: Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    No lie, this episode makes me wanna go back and watch some BW episodes! Heck, it would've been something if Iris had to face Dragon Buster Georgia in the FINALS of the Unova League to become the champ of that league! She's always wanted to battle Iris with a team of dragons to 'bust.' Fan...
  11. Paulisthebest

    Review JN065: Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

    Iris' Axew fully evolved into Iris' most powerful partner? Where you at Scraggy?
  12. Paulisthebest

    Review JN046: Battle and Catch! The Revival of Mewtwo

    Geez, I know making Lucario and Cinderace kind of the central focus of the battle after their evolution episode is to be expected. However, ONE SHADOW BALL put Pikachu down for the count on the sidelines while those two took a few hits before Mewtwo ended things? Seeing the Egyptian steel...
  13. Paulisthebest

    Review JN041: The Great Pikachu Dubbing Operation! / Half a Numacraw

    Eh, stranger things have happened in this show. Don't establish a full connection in this 'filler-sode' but do so in the next one. Heck, I'm just looking at how random Ash's sorrow for losing to Bea went up and down like a roller coaster within 2-3 episodes.
  14. Paulisthebest

    Review JN041: The Great Pikachu Dubbing Operation! / Half a Numacraw

    If not Goh, then I wish Ash would've caught a Marshtomp in order to get Swampert. I think it would be an awesome member of his team and maybe even mega evolve someday. Yeah, I know Brock already has a Marshtomp, but still it would've been great!
  15. Paulisthebest

    Will Riolu become the new Ash-Greninja?

    Interesting thread! I mean the way Riolu looks up to Korrina's Lucario/Mega Lucario kind of reminds me of Litten admiring the Masked Royal's Incineroar. Will Ash get the items needed for Mega Evolution or will his Lucario beat Mega Lucario with a new form or something?