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Recent content by PD83

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    [6th Gen.] RMT OU (Help Appreciated)

    Hello, all. Simply put, the premise of this thread will be me asking for help on what to do with this team, as I have been changing it constantly, with different members and strategies every time. That said, I feel like I'm finally comfortable with this team, but it's not the best, and has...
  2. P

    OU RMT/Help?

    Currently, my team is: 1.) Thundurus Atk: 76/SpA: 180/Spe: 252 Nature: Naive Ability: Prankster Item: Life Orb Moves: - Thunder Wave - Knock Off - Thunderbolt - Hidden Power Ice 2.) Sylveon HP: 252/SpA: 4/SpD: 252 Nature: Calm Ability: Pixilate Item: Leftovers Moves: - Hyper Voice - Protect -...
  3. P

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Exactly. Look at Diamond and Pearl, especially. Maybe it was a contrast to Dawn, who I thought of as rather immature (not bashing, I've just seen Dawn as a female-Gen. 1-Ash), but Ash really looked a lot more mature in this series, took things seriously and made smart plays, etc. I believe that...
  4. P

    Mega Metagross officially announced: Ability confirmed to be Tough Claws

    I think M. Metagross is going to be an amazing tank in the metagame.
  5. P

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    I've always personally believed that Ash and May's relationship had the best development in the anime, thus far. It was interesting to see Ash, who himself had come off of a learning role in the OS, to take May, someone who disliked Pokemon and cared more for traveling, under his wing and see...
  6. P

    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Why do you like AdvanceShipping? Interestingly enough, I don't primarily like this pairing for the content within the actual anime, as I honestly view a lot of the hints as friendship, but moreso because I believe that it's the most realistic pairing. I personally believe that Ash and May have...
  7. P

    BBL: Mentorship Program

    I would like to apply for the apprentice wait list, please.
  8. P

    (RMT) My Attempt at Competitive Online

    I'll give it the BBLMP a try, thanks!
  9. P

    (RMT) My Attempt at Competitive Online

    I appreciate the help and advice. Thanks. Time to start thinking of a second team! P.S Some of those weaknesses you mentioned (I.e Snorlax weak, Salamence nature, Gardevoir frail, etc.) I tried to solve via TR (+ BD for Snorlax), or Ninjask's baton passing. For Salamence's nature, I tried...
  10. P

    (RMT) My Attempt at Competitive Online

    Thank you for the response and criticism. I appreciate it. I tried avoiding the Pokémon you listed, however, as they seem popular, and thus have counters?
  11. P

    (RMT) My Attempt at Competitive Online

    This is one of my first attempts at creating a team for competitive battling online, and my first for this generation (my first few were all Gen. IV). I want to establish that I plan for this team to be as versatile as possible, if possible, and to be somewhat made up of more "off-the-radar"...
  12. P

    Calm Ralts

    Hey, I'm looking for a female (Planning for Gardevoir, and like a female Machamp, a male Gardevoir bothers me..), Calm-natured Ralts and (preferably) impressive IV's. What'd get the trade done?
  13. P

    I want to ship them.... But can't

    Advanceshipping. Love it, the background behind it, the fans, the fanfictions/art, the general idea, everything. I really do. But something just bugs me about it. Whether it's the feeling of nostalgia I get when I think of the pairing, or my personal belief that it lacks a canon backspine (/ is...
  14. P

    Alright, I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll be sure to catch a Weedle for your soon.

    Alright, I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll be sure to catch a Weedle for your soon.
  15. P

    Male Seviper w/ Dark Pulse

    We have a deal. I'll find one of them. P.S I appreciate your understanding of the fact that I would not favor a legendary being the return in this deal :P