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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Re: Black and White Help thread I was getting the same message and a friend of mine said that it tells you that after putting your Pokémon to bed you have to "Access the Global Link". So I logged out and logged back in again and it appears to work now, so give that a try and see if it works :)
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    do you like b/w so far? what are you most excited about?

    I am looking forward to absolutely everything! The more information that's released the more excited I get for the games :) So far I've loved all the new Pokémon and characters, the region looks awesome and I love the sound of the features they're putting in. I'm really looking forward to being...
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    How do you benefit from Pokémon?

    Re: How do you benefit from pokemon? It helps keep my mind off things if needed. There's been a few times this year that I've had a horrid day at work and simply coming home to see news of new Pokémon that have been revealed really cheers me up. I've also met a lot of very awesome people...
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    What age did you start liking pokemon?

    Haha! I feel so old XD I got into Pokémon when I was 16 around the time I was just leaving school back in '99.
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    What kind of trainer are you?

    I used to be sort of a Type A when I first started playing the games. I used to just concentrate on a few Pokémon in my team and the rest would be so under-leveled. But now I'm definitely more a Type B, I try and train my main party up equally in level, even if it means grinding for a while...
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    The (Un)official Nickname My Pokémon Thread

    Re: Do you nickname your pokemon? All the time! I really hate having a Pokémon I can't name, because I feel a name adds your own uniqueness to the Pokémon, plus I just love naming things XD Sometimes I just name them whatever pops into my head first, and sometimes I try and go with a theme. A...
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    MUSIC: Background music of the show

    As soon as I heard about this, I totally pre-ordered the CD XD I have been waiting so long for a CD release like this! As long as it has tons of new tracks I will be very happy~
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    Whats Your Birthday Pokemon?

    May 3rd. 123 days. I'm Scyther! XD If I go by the other region dex's: Johto: Snubbull Hoenn: Zangoose Sinnoh: Hippowdon
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    Would you support a Pokémon: The Johto Journeys DVD boxset

    Yes! I personally would love a DVD boxset for Johto Journeys. I haven't seen those episodes in ages and I do collect all the anime DVDs so adding that to it would be wonderful! (The same stands for the Johto League Champions season too)
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    Archaic, Kasumi to wed: Bulbagarden admins planning for 2009

    Wow! This is awesome! Huge congrats to the both of you! This is wonderful news ^^
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    REVIEW: DP107: Rampald VS Torideps!!

    To be honest I don't really consider any episode of Pokémon as a "filler". I consider each and every one of them "A Pokémon episode" regardless of what the episode is about :D The show tends to rely a lot on them meeting new people and new Pokémon and it's the way it's always been. I've always...
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    FIrst Pokemon you ever raised to LEvel 100?

    A Swellow named "Tsubasa" from my Emerald game, which I had moved over to Pearl after I got access to Pal Park. It's the Pokémon that fronts my party when I chain for shiny Pokémon, so it gradually ended up being leveled all the way to 100.
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    DP112 - The Pikachu-Pochama Drifting Chronicle!

    Awww, you're all so mean to poor Piplup XD Anyway, I'm looking foward to this episode. I like episodes which concentrate more on the Pokémon, because it's usually very cute and it's nice to see the interactions between them.
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    REVIEW: DP107: Rampald VS Torideps!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think the fact that they actually gave Roark and Byron a backstory was wonderful! The little Roark flashback was also so very adorable *__* Also I loved the way Byron fanboy'd all over the holes and didn't even notice his fossil collection was gone until Roark...
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    Foreign Pokémon and the Chances of Shiny Eggs

    No, you can't. He's rather vague about what he means which is why I posted this here, but I personally think it means if you breed foreign Pokémon you might have a slightly higher chance of breeding a shiny. I can't think of what else it could mean. I found a few Japanese blogs that seemed to...