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Peaceful Giraffe
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  • Hey. I just thought you should know I revived the Gijinka Project. Feel free to use the same characters you had last time.
    I will give you the thing we have dubbed as congratulations, on the thing we have dubbed as surviving, another thing we have dubbed as a year, of this thing we have dubbed as life! :D
    POOGEY!! <333 Thank you so much for the Aurorus! I love it! I will treasure it dearly!
    Hey PG,

    If you have the time, can you find me every URPG story that has some sort of cover art or artwork associated with it?
    Well, you didn't resign, actually. If you had resigned, I might have been awarded the badge, and the prize money.

    That aside, you still are posting around the forums nearly every day, and the gym battle could have easily been held there instead of on AIM. And even if you still decided throwing the battle was a better choice, it still feels like you snuck around to get out of it, when I prompted you about it.

    Argh. It isn't going to do me any good to yell at you about it. I'll... just not reply about it anymore.
    Might have been courteous of you to have told me you didn't want to finish my battle, instead of just dodging me and dropping the gym and leaving me hanging. I only knew about it because someone else told me.

    Also, I'm not really sure why it couldn't have been continued on the forums-- because clearly you've got enough time to make forum posts elsewhere every day.

    Not sure why you were so intent on me battling your gym, too, if you didn't want to remain a gym leader. If you recall, I only wanted a regular battle, and it became a gym challenge at your insistence.

    Wish there were something I could do about it, but it's over now. Only thing left for me to do is update my stats to include EMs I had to keep separate while waiting, because I added them after we started the battle. Like, I guess it's nice to not have to be waiting for it any more, but I wish you had been upfront with me, especially since I tried to engage you over it.
    So, when actually is Easter break for you?

    Because I'd like to set a date and time, specifically, so the 'when' isn't up in the air.
    Go figure - there's a catholic school near where I live and it looks good, but it's too expensive to send me adn my younger brother and sister there. Sad, because once again it looks good ane I know someone which used to go there.

    Yeah, it well - when do you think they will understand each other better?
    Wow, what a difference! I can see why you get a longer holiday. Have you ever been to a public school?
    I'm a bit sick, but other then that I'm good - today's the last day of school then the two week holidays - woo!
    Yes it will, yes it will. One werewolf meets another - I got the idea when I read your sign up and saw the part written that Lulu wants to help people put with the curse!

    How's life?
    Hey, PG! I was wondering if we could schedule the continuation of our Gym Battle on AIM. That way, we don't end up missing each other or anything like that.

    Nearly any time is good for me, I just want to know when's good for you.
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