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Peaceful Giraffe

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  • Eh. I feel sorry for you, too with what I hear. At least we're nearing spring~
    Ah, I see. I kinda hate wading through snow, so I prefer anything else. Ah. Indeed, tricksters are fun things~ Both of them are nice-looking too, in their own ways~ :3
    ^-^ Ah. I'm curious, in what way? It snowed a lot today over here, of course. -w- What state do you live in, if you don't mind saying?
    Oh, and I forgot to ask, why Rotom?
    Good to hear, I've been pretty good myself. By the way, got any snow where you live?
    ...Oh, I see that now. At first glance, the art style made it look like...I dunno, a ghost with a smily-faced apple for a head? :p
    That may be one of the most interesting forms of character inspiration I've yet encountered on this site. Which is saying something because I was in Modio's amazingly confusing mess of a RP years ago (AKA Ampiomach Academy).

    Also, I just had a random thought and figured it'd be worth getting a second opinion before I toss it into the RP General Chat, but I kinda wanna start a skype group for the RP section. Like, I'd really love to interact with the amazing people I've come to consider friends through this wonderful community. What do you think?
    Exactly! Also, I may have just unintentionally thought of a new ability to add to Jett's list (yes, there is a list that I made mainly to show off to Heroic)
    Hey so I was gonna apologize for editing my post when I could already tell you were on the page and likely writing your post, but looking at it now, it works almost perfectly even with my edited post
    Good to hear. It's nice to have you back~ [sub]Hopefully Dragon Mafia will work out.[/sub]
    ...I'm in a strangely friendly mood right now, and you're one of my friends. *Hugs*
    Oh, thank you so much! :-D And yes, I love Portal so much. I've been wanting to play it again sometime!
    That is, unless you only showed the other RPers those thoughts to let them know that she was interested in them; edit out that she "became suddenly aware" of it and it'll work out.

    Edit: Just noticed your message. K, thx.
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