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  • I'll be available all day, so any time works. Perhaps I'll throw in a Timburr and a Staraptor too.
    Yeah, The Girl in The Fireplace reference, as well as the reference to how the Doctor has seen his face before (as in Fires of Pompeii), were both great! And the last scene between the droid and the Doctor was fantastic, very dramatic, and the mystery of whether or not the Doctor pushed him out (I think he did).
    Yes, I watched the premiere and I thought it was fantastic! Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor (by a small margin), and I was a little worried about Capaldi, but I thought he did great! The episode itself was pretty standard, but still quite good, and right on track with the great new Doctor introduction episodes. What did you think?
    Enjoy the Lucky Egg (I've got another three - I'm not wanting for one). It'll speed up your levelling by another 50%
    My FC is 1950-8754-3734 (should remember it sometime soon...) also online now ready to trade
    Whoops, forgot to ask you for your FC. When you're ready to trade PM/VM me (I assume you'll want to PM since you haven't displayed it publicly) and we can trade that Mewtwo for the L100 Umbreon
    Right. Well it's up to L85 now (from L21) so L100 may be done tonight depending on my patience. Regardless it will definitely be done by tomorrow.

    My FC is in my signature in the offering thread. Pass me your FC whenever you have time, or you can wait until I tell you when the Umbreon is ready.
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