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Peppermint Phoenix
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7:40 PM
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  • I like your Sawatari icon--do you play Yugioh by any chance?
    Peppermint Phoenix
    Peppermint Phoenix
    On simulator sometimes. I used to be into duel links but, I was getting addicted to it so, I had to pull the plug.
    I will be available at around 9pm (UTC +8) or 6am (UTC -7) onward. If that's too early for you, perhaps I could wake up early at 9am (UTC +8) or 6pm (UTC -7) . Could you tell me if the times on your end are accurate? I used the Time Zone Converter to get the times.
    I was checking your friend status, then got back online. Now I can see you in the Friend List
    Peppermint Phoenix
    Peppermint Phoenix
    Thank you. I'll be sure to come back to your tradeshop when I hit brick wall.
    You're welcome. I would also like to thank you for Pokemon that are difficult to obtain.
    It's okay, they live in Best Yu Boy, and they make him 4x the best boy now by association.
    Okay I am online, will be for about 10 minutes or so. If I disconnect just send me a vm to get back online
    We are going nowhere.. any evoltionary stone will be fine then. Let me know if you can trade okay?
    I will try to be in 3 hours then, you never answered me if you had any special ball females to give in return tho.
    Hey let me know when you can pick up Caterpie, my time zone is EST and I'll be checking in at regular intervals today. And I'll be around a majority of the day on Thursday, and Friday.
    I haven't made a thread in a while, but I believe you go to Edit Post -> Go Advanced, and you should have the option available. :)
    I just added you back. Let me know when you're ready to trade and I'll send Torchic over to you. :)
    Well, I work everyday, so just let me know sometime when you'll be available in the morning and I'll try to be online then :)
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