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Peppermint Phoenix
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6:50 PM
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  • hey its been two days
    Not to bee too desperate but could i get the clone now??
    If no could you tell me approx. how much time will it take??
    but thnx anyway
    hey sorry for the late reply
    i am online right now
    i believe i added you but tellme if i havent
    and could you give me the LV. 80 garchomp(cuz that just reduces the amount of grinding i have to do
    My friend code is 2723-9571-7949. I'm two time zones ahead of you so when its noon here its 10 am for you. I'm free a lot on weekends though but weekdays I have work from 7 am my time to noon my time and don't get home til 2 pm my time. Also, would you like the Dratini nicknamed?
    Hey my fc is in my sign
    Tell me yours and i will add you
    And i dont have a problem with waiting for sometime for a tradeback
    Also could you tell me its moves
    Also my timezone is Gmt +5.5
    A better way is this-
    Right now when i message here it is 12:50 am
    You send me a message telling your tine when you message
    Like this we can make out the time difference
    Cuz you know timezones always trouble me
    Sorry for not responding sooner but I had to catch up on school work. :( My FC is 2449 5909 1689.
    Thanks for taking time to VM me :) I think you're cool, too! If you have the game, do you want to trade FCs? Maybe we can battle occasionally :D
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