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  • Hi, I've been reading your comments on how you dislike the newly announced Fairy-Type, but I don't know exactly why you do. Is it just because it's a new type that might potentially break the metagame?
    Okay I'll be in the wifi room in 5 minutes. Thought I had a clone already done but I do not. one minute please
    that derp from that show called gravity falls that everyone watches just cause it made a BW reference that one time
    It did? I had no idea. It has loads of other references though, not just that one, like to other videogames and Twin Peaks.
    Alright I'll be in the wifi room (even if im not listed as online here). working on smoe rng projects so i may go idle and be kicked offline in the process.
    I work until 3 tomorrow and I have nothing to do the next few days so wanna shoot for 6 tomorrow?
    Can I push it back to 9:15 my time? I have to drive my gf to pick up her brother for 8:30 since her mothers car is in the shop
    okay mine is all listed on my first post. i will go clone the pokemon now. need to find my ds
    Sorry for the last reply!

    Wow, that's a lot to think about. You might want to tell your mom about your predicament. How long would you be staying with your dad, if you went with him? And if you stayed with one parent, would you be able to contact the other parent any time?
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