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Apr 12, 2014
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March 29
Where lorikeets flock


The Vulture Queen, from Where lorikeets flock

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Nov 18, 2018 at 4:19 AM
    1. Arkadelphiak
    2. TRNatalie
      Happy birthday!
    3. Ebail
      Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one.
    4. Arkadelphiak
    5. Arkadelphiak
    6. Arkadelphiak
    7. Arkadelphiak
      M E T A
    8. Constellation
    9. AceTrainer14
      Hello ello. Was wondering if we would be seeing any nominations coming from you this time around.
      1. Persephone
        Probably not. I haven't read much in the last couple months.
        Jun 10, 2016
      2. AceTrainer14
        Ok, fair enough. Well make sure you read before the voting!

        BTW, Elysi and I are working on Crossover Battles, have just both been a bit, ya know, busy.
        Jun 11, 2016
    10. Gama
      I'm going to try to resolve this one way or another, but I'm having a little trouble.

      What you originally wanted to talk to me about was someone using one of my characters in a Crossover Battle. I'm not familiar with the concept, but it sounds cool. Was my character used in the end? I would almost certainly have consented. Sorry that I did not manage to respond but thanks for getting in touch.
      1. Persephone
        We don't use characters without consent. So, we haven't. We aren't quite sure if there will be a third season of it. If there looks like there will be, I will contact again to ask permission. I also might ask earlier if the current writers come to a consensus that they want to use a particular character.
        May 28, 2016
      2. Gama
        Fair enough on all counts. Also, do you recall what character of mine was being requested?
        May 29, 2016
    11. Gama
      Hi Athena, sorry that it has taken me over a year to reply. I've not been online in that time.

      I'm having a bit of trouble clearing out my inbox. It's due to the fact that staff on this site have larger inboxes than standard users and so when I resigned as Head Admin my inbox shrunk an incredible amount, meaning I was vastly over my maximum number of messages. (TBC)
    12. Beth Pavell
      Beth Pavell
      Oh, hullo. A day of writing, does that mean you've managed 10,000 words then ;)

      Thanks, I must confess, my application was entirely speculatory
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      2. Beth Pavell
        Beth Pavell
        Well, one's Sandy Samson. I forget off the top of my head who the second could be.

        The worst spot is in the middle?
        Apr 3, 2016
      3. Persephone
        And the author is Sike_Saner. The other character is next up anyway, after the one I'm writing now.

        Marine Science at my university requires a lot of lab science at the start and significantly less in the back half.
        Apr 3, 2016
      4. Beth Pavell
        Beth Pavell
        Oh, right. I've got lovely exams to look forward to soon. And I haven't sat an exam in years
        Apr 5, 2016
    13. AceTrainer14
      Hey there. So, now that this is back up and running but the social groups are down, what are we doing about arranging the crossover battles?
    14. Beth Pavell
      Beth Pavell
      Eh, very much the usual. Uni's just started again, so I have the double-edged sword of having something to do again. How about you?
    15. chaos_Leader
      Yep, I've been keeping up with the discussions in the group, I just haven't had much to contribute so far with my limited knowledge of the stories people are talking about. Once we have battles finalized, if the one I'm working on has characters/stories I'm not familiar with, I am happy to get up to speed on them in a prompt manner. for example, I just completely caught up with Acetrainer14's 8ES story over the course of a little less than a week, so I have time now to take care of logistical things on my end, barring anymore shipboard personnel emergencies in my department (knock on wood).

      Thanks for staying on top of things and communicating though!
    16. Silver_Frost
      Hey~ I sent you a PM on smogon, since I can't on here just yet. Heading off to work, catch you perhaps tonight~
    17. System Error
      System Error
      Oh yeah, forgot to reply to that. Was meaning to, but kept slipping my mind. Yes, it's fine!!
    18. System Error
      System Error
      Ah, sorry to hear. :/ Hope things clear up soon.

      Also I should pick up reading yours again. IIRC, I got hit with life myself around the time I stopped and forgot. x.x
    19. System Error
      System Error
      Hey, curious. How far along are you with my fic, since you didn't say in the PM? And thoughts so far?
    20. AceTrainer14
      I suppose its not quite the popular match up I thought it might be.
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