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  • am sorry that I been gone fore a long time, I never really left at all but things have kinda change around me. I never got the new pokemon game because all my friends quit playing it and that hit me in the face pretty hard, it's almost pointless to get the game if no one wants to battle, share videos, trade, show off. and other really fun thing with in person friends. I still love pokemon but what I guess I just don't have the time as I us to.

    Am kinda unsure what to do with my pokemon, I have tones and so many rare pokemon, am only 1 shiny off to complete my shiny dream team but now, I just don't know. I don't want to give them away, but I kinda son't want them anymore. I have some pokemon that are 7 years old and they share great memories to me. But they're just data, so I been on standby mode for these past many months now. and still am. But I would like to shout out why I been gone and still debating what to do now.
    Sorry about yesterday, I ended up being called in to work. I'll be on for the rest of the day, so just notify me when you want to trade.
    We're planning to have it around mid-December so keep your eyes peeled around that time. We'll have a preliminary sign-up for it a week before we start (like last season) so that you can check into it and prepare before it actually starts.
    Sorry about that, I know you must be losing patience. I get both Tuesday and Wednesday off, so tell me what time is good for you on those days and I'll hop on then.
    Oh, that's actually perfect for me since I have Tuesday off. I should be online sometime in the afternoon.
    im easy! best thing is to send me a pm when youre online.. i will get that on my phone. im around evenings and weekends so i can logon anytime then :)
    I can go online right now if you're free.

    It's no trouble but thanks for asking :) This usually helps me get some breeding out of the way or if I already bred it then it's not too much trouble :p
    Ah I only have Careful/Impish on mine :/ Yeah sure thing I'll hatch you an egg and maybe I can catch you tonight to trade for it.
    Yeah I have one I can breed for you. I might even have the right nature, what are you looking for?
    Hey, I had to get off because I still have to eat and then I'm going to bed so maybe we should plan a time to trade or something? x.x That way we'll both be on at the same time. :)
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