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  • Ah well each player has their own style, you can work with an aggressive style but you have to account on how to handle your weaknesses...in this case having a counter against fast Fire attacks. It does help to get a feel for when a matchup doesn't work so you can switch into something that can help you get the momentum back, on the occasion that your opponent does something unexpected.
    Halo games are good stables for Xbox. I've played some Star Wars games years ago like the Unleashed series and I never really got into Minecraft.
    Ah yeah good game :) Ah I see, yeah you kinda have to get a feel when Pinsir can set up. I suggest getting a Pokemon with Choice Scarf since your entire team gets outsped by Delphox and anything faster. Half the team is also weak to Fire which makes it harder for Pinsir to find openings so try to use something that can reliably handle Fire moves.
    Well there's people than is like that unfortunately. Hope you can get a good one on some giveaway ^^

    That would be great. I might not be online much since my classes are getting more tough post midterm but we can definitely play sometime.
    An item? Mind refreshing me? I havent been active in many months :(

    I also have every item so I dont know if that would be possible unless another one of the event berries has been released in the past few months...
    Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. But did you do @usernamehere; for your mention?
    I would, but I accidentally deleted my Y save game data about a month ago and lost everything. Meant to delete X which was my secondary game. Working on getting back what I lost, and I'm not really in any condition to battle right now. Sorry...
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